Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ZOOM Large Telescopic Tube with a 6 3/4" ID to Suit Your Protective Needs In-Transit

The ZOOM telescopic tube by Alvin
is made of rugged plastic designed to withstand nearly any abuse while securely protecting its cargo. 1” thick foam in the top and bottom of the tube pads and protects the ends of contents, and the removable carry handle adjusts up and down the length of the tube to allow for perfect balance of contents in transport. The ZOOM tube features a comfortable and adjustable carry strap, and weighs just over 5 lb. This tube features a 6 ¾” inside diameter (7” outside diameter) and is expandable from 29” to 54” in length. This allows for protected storage for anything ranging from posters, drawings, blueprints, plans, and other documents to tents, golf clubs, fishing rods, or any other elongated item that you might wish to protect in transit. Whether hiking, driving, flying, or simply storing, this tube will offer the protection you need to the objects you need it for, in an ergonomic design that makes for comfortable carry.


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