Thursday, July 31, 2014

Information on Hanging Clamps

Hanging clamps are an ideal accessory for the management of blue prints and drawings. They are also also known as blueprint clamps, plan clamps and blueprint holders. These types of clamps are used to store many different hold several different things, but it most poplar with blueprints. It has many featres that prove them to be quite beneficial.

The uses of blueprint clamps includes holding active blueprints so that they can be referenced rather quickly. The clamps allow the prints to be ready and immediately on had whenever they are needed. The prints can be worked on and presented in a presentation all while still in the clamps.

The plan clamps can typically hold up to a maximum of 100 sheets of blueprints and drawings at a time. All 100 sheets are held extremely secure. They are held securely without punching a hole, without stapling or without causing a fold in a single sheet.

These clamps are strategically designed to hang on a large variety storing places. They can be securely stored on rolling stands, mobile planning centers and even wall racks. Using the mobile plan centers is perfect for transporting blueprints to different work areas.

The clamps are made of an extruded, anodized aluminum. There are chrome plated, heavy duty steel wing knobs that open and close the blueprint holders. Inside the clamp is a steel spring that holds the clamps open. When the clamps is held open, it is easy and quick way to fully load the clamp.

These hanging clamps are usually sold in cartons of six clamps. Included with the clamps is a snap-on clear plastic label holder for each of the individual clamps. The clamps come in sizes that range from 11" to 42". There is also a limited lifetime warranty that is included with the clamps.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Neolt Paper Trimmer Trim Model 59" W/ Stand & Catch

Neolt brings its tradition of superior Italian craftsmanship to the workplace with its line of high precision paper trimmers. The Neolt Paper Trimmer has been designed for a variety of applications. It works well for retrographic work or for use in engineering offices and copy centers. The paper trimmer is designed to trim bond mylar and acetate paper, vellum and film as well as laminated media. The top-mounted swivel handle on Neolt’s Trim Series allows for comfortable use by the operator.
The Trim Series features a rotary head with self-sharpening steel rolling blades paired with steel flat blades. The rolling blades roll on ball bearings and ensure smooth use with very little sound. The head provides fast trimming in both directions without sacrificing accuracy. It can cut at 40-60 feet per second depending on the material being trimmed. The head can be adjusted to a higher or lower position from anywhere along the bar. The paper trimmer is capable of trimming media up to 0.031 inches thick. The shoulder has been designed in such a way that it is possible to trim stock that is longer than the trimmer itself, though the maximum length of a single trim is 59 inches. Imprinted on the baseboard of the Neolt paper trimmer are measurements in metric and imperial to allow for quick reference and calibration without the need for manual metric conversion.
Depending on how the user needs the unit to function in the office, the unit can be mounted onto a tabletop or used with the provided steel stand and waste catcher. Because of its excellent design and craftsmanship, the unit requires little maintenance. It is durable and should last for many years with normal use. It comes with a one-year guarantee against parts and workmanship.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What is an Edge Binding System?

For companies in the business of creating building plans and other drawings, it is vital they have an edge binding system that will protect the drawings from becoming damaged. To make sure the drawings stay in top shape, edge binding tape is used with an edge binding machine to make sure the drawings can be safely stored without being accidentally torn or have other damage happen to the outer edges of the paper.

With any edge binding system, edge binding tape is needed to ensure all of a company's drawings are made safe and secure. There are two major ways in which edge binding tape works within the system to accomplish this. The first involves its use in binding together engineering and architectural blueprint plans, documents and maps. In this case, the tape is used to bind everything together so that it can be put in storage or kept together for use in an upcoming presentation. This is very important, since often items put in storage can be moved many times and run the risk of becoming damaged. Likewise, plans that are being used for a presentation are handled quite frequently, increasing the chance of having them get torn.

These systems also work to make sure the outer edges of plans and other drawings stay in good condition. Blueprint plans, drawings, maps and other documents which are frequently handled over the course of time eventually begin to show signs of damage. To prevent this, it's a good idea to use edge binding tape to bind the outer edges of all the important papers to guard against damage to the outer area. This is very useful for plans and drawings that will be used in a presentation to clients, where everything needs to look and sound good in order to impress the client.

By using edge binding tape in a system, drawings and maps can be protected against damage that might render them useless before a big presentation to an important client. Available in white, black, red and blue the tape can prove very helpful in keeping everything safe and secure.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why a Large Cutting Mat with Grid Should Be a Part of Any Studio

Cutting mats are used in many different types of studios, offices and homes. They provide protection for surfaces while also allowing for smoother cuts. Some cutting mats are big enough to fit on the largest tables. Some can even be custom trimmed. Every studio should have a large cutting mat with a precise measuring grid for several reasons.

Create a Functional Work Surface

A large cutting mat with grid can create a functional working space from any table or other surface. Not all surfaces are good for measuring and cutting. Some have imperfections that can cause blades to catch. Some are too hard for tools. The cutting mat is large enough to turn nearly any surface into an area that can easily accommodate blades, tacks and other tools for drafting or crafts. An added benefit is that the entire surface will be covered by the mat so that every inch becomes usable space.

Preserve Blades and Cutting Tools

The key to a clean and professional cut is a sharp blade or cutting tool. Something that can wear down blades fast is a hard surface like a modern drafting board or a metal table. These surfaces can dull the tip of the blade and eventually the rest of the edge. A large cutting mat can help to preserve blades and cutting tools. The mat is made from 180-gauge polyethylene. This is thick enough to allow the blade to move without contacting the underlying surface. Tools will last for a much longer time when using a large cutting mat.

Improve Precision When Making Cuts

One of the most useful parts of a self-healing large cutting mat with grid is the carefully spaced pattern of lines underneath. These lines are placed precisely an inch apart from each other across the entire mat. They are aligned in straight horizontal and vertical lines. This grid makes it easy to cut in straight lines and to make right angles. It can make it unnecessary to handle bulky oversized straightedges. The grid also allows for straight cuts on the largest materials. A large mat with a grid can make every cut more precise and accurate.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Advantages of Using a Large Cutting Mat with Grid

Many people who do crafts, drafting or artwork understand the importance of having a cutting mat. Cutting mats come in all sizes today. Some of largest are several feet wide and several feet tall. These mats are very useful in many situations. Using a large cutting mat has several advantages.

Create Long and Clean Cuts

One of the main advantages is that a large cutting mat with grid allows for long and clean cuts across the largest materials. This includes large pieces of paper, oversized boards entire pieces of cloth. The size of the mat makes it possible to create a single continuous cut with a rolling blade or a knife. There is no need to start and stop because the edge was reached. Cutting materials takes less time because of this. It also creates a much cleaner and sharper edge.

Protect an Entire Surface

Smaller cutting mats can protect only a single area of a drafting table or other surface. It is common for the blade to run off the edge and hit the surface underneath. This will create unattractive gouges and lines. Some of these gouges could even lead to problems when working on the surface since they will cause pens or pencils to catch and leave unwanted marks. A large cutting mat that is several feet in length can protect an entire surface so that the underlying table is not damaged.

Multiple People Can Use the Mat

A large cutting mat allows tables or workbenches to be used by several people at the same time. This is useful in colleges, studios or workshops where many people are working on different projects simultaneously. The mat is large enough to allow anywhere from two to three people to cut materials without ever interfering with anyone else. This can help to improve productivity or to let students finish projects much faster.

Measuring Cuts Is Easier

A large cutting mat with grid has a precise network of lines running under the material. This grid makes it easier to measure and plot cuts. The grid can be used to align paper or straightedges quickly and accurately. This is especially helpful when aligning large boards or pieces of fabric that need to be cut straight for several feet. Measuring is easier with the precise grid for guidance.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Benefits of Using Hanging Clamps for Blueprints and Drawings

Clamps are specially designed holders for drawings and blueprints. They come in several sizes. The clamps use springs to help hold drawings together. They can be hung from a rack so that the drawings stay straight and free from harm. A single rack full of clamps can provide storage for an entire studio or office. Using these types of clamps has several advantages.

Save Space

One of the main benefits of using hanging clamps for drawings or blueprints is that they can save space. Horizontal cabinets for drawings can take up a large amount space especially when storing oversized items. The same is true when it comes to storing drawings in tubes. Both of these options take up an unnecessary amount of space. Clamps make it possible to hang drawings on a rack. Hundreds of drawings can be kept on a single compact rack with just a few clamps.

Protect Drawings and Blueprints

It is important to protect drawings and blueprints from damage while in storage. The drawings can easily be damaged when stored in a drawer. Sorting through the drawings in the drawer can lead to tears, smudges and unwanted fingerprint marks. Drawings can be damaged easily when rolled and kept in a storage tube as well. Clamps can keep drawings hanging vertically in a location that is out-of-the-way. They make it simple to access the drawings without causing damage. The clamps themselves are even designed to not cause damage when binding multiple drawings together.

Stay Organized

Organization is important in any office that relies on blueprints or drawings. A single lost blueprint could set entire projects back by days or weeks. It can be easy to lose a drawing when relying on cabinets and storage tubes. Using a hanging rack is a far better option. Hanging clamps can hold up to 100 drawings without any problems. This means each clamp can hold all the blueprints for a single project in one place. They could also hold everything done by a single person for a project. Using clamps and racks is the best way to stay organized when dealing with many drawings and blueprints.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What are the best Blueprint Hanging Clamps?

Easy to Use Hangers

Drafters and architects using specialized racks to store their blueprints in offices or homes require numerous hanging clamps to hold various sizes of paper. The devices used to attach blueprints or drawings to adjustable racks must be made carefully to not mar or tear the delicate blueprint paper. In addition, the attachment devices should be easy to hang and retrieve by employees needing to look at blueprints. At the same time, the items must be affordable and long lasting to help businesses maintain a company’s budget that is earmarked for buying storage supplies. Finding storage supplies meant for drafting and architectural drawings is often difficult because these are specialty items not sold in brick-and-mortar stores.

Avoid Damaging Delicate Paper

Fortunately, there are online sources for buying blueprint hangers that interchange with several rack manufacturers, making it easier for drafting companies and architectural firms to order the devices. Choosing interchangeable products is a big time-saver for employees who do not need to worry about hanging blueprints on different brands of racks. Selecting a blueprint holder device made of sturdy aluminum ensures that the product will last for many years providing an excellent option for long-term storage. The item must have easy to use buttons or levers with springs located on each end of the hanger, making it easy to place blueprints into the devices. The levers or buttons need to be made from heavy-duty steel that resists breakage to avoid damaging delicate blueprint paper.

Simple to Label Devices

Selecting hanging clamps from a well-known manufacturer of blueprint storage products means that it is easy to store up to 100 sheets of draft paper on each device. To keep track of particular blueprints to retrieve the items quickly requires having labeling devices that permit inserting a paper or cardboard label. Plastic label features on blueprint hangers are especially important at public libraries, schools and museums that store blueprints, artwork or maps. Available in packages of six blueprint holders, the devices are made to hold large sheets of paper securely without metal rivets or staples that cause damage.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Choose the Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Rack?

Architects and drafters require a specialized storage device to hold large blueprints without folding or creasing the delicate paper. At the same time, being able to move the architectural designs from location to location in an office environment is vital to prevent rips. The Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Rack has been specially designed by experts in the industry who understand the needs of drafters and architects. Instead of struggling to store and move blueprint designs on extra long and wide sheets of paper, select a product that saves time and effort. This affordable rack is made of durable steel painted in beige, allowing it to coordinate with any office’s decor.

Versatile Storage Device

Because this architectural drawing stand is moved frequently, it is made with a scratch resistant finish and limited lifetime warranty. It is possible to store up to 1,200 supersize documents with 12 specialized clamps that are made to hold the drawings carefully without marring or tearing the paper. Customers can easily order the clamps at the same time to begin using this quality storage item as soon as possible. Architects and drafters will like the versatility of using this particular rack interchangeably with other stands. This stand is incredibly simple to use, making it suitable for drawings that are either in process or completed work. Instead of struggling to find a place to store blueprints, order this device that requires a minimal amount of space.

Adjustable Rack Height

The height of the Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Rack is adjustable, making it simpler to store designs on various lengths of paper. Drafters and architects can retrieve the clamps filled with blueprints from the top of the storage device. The four legs of the ball bearing swivel casters roll easily without falling from the stand. The two back casters have a locking feature that keeps the rack in one location when necessary. Not only is this storage device suitable for architectural and drafting firms, it has additional uses in facilities such as public libraries to hold documents such as maps and artwork.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why a Neolt Paper Trimmer Trim Model Is the Best Choice

The reality is that cutting paper is a part of everyday activities for many people and businesses. Using a self-healing cutting mat and a simple knife is not always the best option. This is especially true with larger pieces of paper or artboard that extend beyond the typical size of cutting mats and straightedges. Fortunately, there are other options available. A freestanding rotary cutter can make all the difference. There are several reasons to use this type of trimmer.

Smoother Edges

The first reason is that a rotary trimmer will create smoother edges on paper or board. A typical knife will catch on some of the edges of the paper. This leads to a small amount of tearing that makes the edge look worn or unprofessional. A rotary trimmer uses a sharp blade that is continually moving down and through the paper. There is no tearing because the blade never has a chance to catch the grain. This leads to straight and clean edges every time.


Trimming paper with a traditional knife takes time. At least two points have to be measured. A straightedge is needed. The person doing the trimming needs to be careful and accurate. This all wastes time especially when a dozen or more cuts are required. A Neolt paper trimmer trim model can increase the speed of this process by a significant amount. The rotary trimmer allows someone to slice though paper or board in just a few seconds. The blade is on a solid rail so that the cutting line is always straight. This saves time.


The grain of paper or board is always a problem. It is common for a regular knife to catch on something and then veer away from the intended cutting line. This can ruin a valuable board or piece of art. One of the advantages of a Neolt paper trimmer trim model is that it is always accurate. The blade is going to move exactly as expected. Inconsistencies with the paper will never make a difference. This accuracy allows for a higher level of confidence when working with expensive papers or finished pieces of art that are irreplaceable.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tools in Drafting

What is a Drafter?

Drafters or draughtsmen are people who draw and prepare drawings of a technical nature. It is their job to work with engineers or architects to create the outline or blueprint of a future model or building. This job is quite difficult and be quite tedious, but with the right tools in drafting, it is much more easily performed. 

Landscape plans like that of bridges, public centers, parks, houses or other buildings are created by drafters or draughtsmen using tools in drafting. All of the work is done manually, so naturally, a lot of tools are necessary. 

Where Does a Draughtsman Work and What Do They Need to Work?

The basic setup will be a smooth surface that is perfectly flat. But sometimes, the surface will be tilted slightly to create an easy to work with plane for the drafter. With this setup, the draughtsman not needs their tools. They will need a pencil, t-square, triangle outlines and shapes for use when drawing angles at thirty, forty-five, sixty and ninety degrees. Other tools that will be necessary for the drafter include protractors for drawing angles of any size, different templates for specific drafting symbols, compasses for arcs and circles, dividers for sizing measurements, French curves for making curves that are not perfectly circular, accurate plans of scale and more. 

Where Can Drafting Tools and Accessories Be Purchased?

Most of these items can be purchased in drafting supply stores, arts and crafts stores and of course, online. There are many sites that cater specifically to drafters and their work. Some of the best drafters are those who actually design the tools that other use. 

Smaller items like rulers, t-squares, protractors and compasses can be purchased at many stores, but bigger drafting equipment for specific use may need to be purchased directly from a drafting supply store. For example, scales, drawing boards, straight edges and precision sharpeners may need to be special ordered. Generally, engineering or architecture firms supple their own materials, but some draughtsmen prefer to purchase their own tools and materials for ease of use and portability.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

What is a Self Healing Cutting Mat

The success of creative and technical projects is largely dependent on the use of quality tools. Self healing cutting mats are used by people who require a protective work surface and exact measurements. They are fundamental equipment for studios and should be selected according to their purpose.

A self healing mat will last longer than one with a hard, rigid surface. Sharp rotary or straight blades will slice cleanly through most materials without leaving rough edges or catching fibers in the mat, and the self-healing nature of the mat's surface also prevents damage to the edge of the cutting tool.

Visible and accurate measurement lines are important for most uses, but dressmakers and artists sometimes prefer a distraction-free surface. A neutral hue, like gray or medium green, is practical for work with all printed and solid colors. Top-quality mats will have smooth edges, blunted corners and a hole or handle for hanging storage. They should be stored flat; rolling mats or storing them in extreme temperatures may cause them to become warped or brittle. With proper care, a Self Healing Cutting Mat will last indefinitely.

Serious craftsmen may have several mats. A large mat that covers the entire surface of the drafting or cutting table allows them to lay out a roll of paper or bolt of fabric for efficient work. This mat should be heavy enough to stay in place or secured to the table. In addition to horizontal and vertical marking lines, it usually has guidelines for arcs and angles.

Smaller mats are practical for hobbyists or use outside the studio. They are lighter in weight and more flexible than tabletop mats because they receive more handling, but they have the same basic qualities as the industrial mats. Domestic uses include sewing, model building and other crafts. Quilters use rotary cutters and acrylic rulers to measure and cut fabrics with the high level of accuracy necessary for sewing quilts.

Self-healing cutting mats are available in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes with markings appropriate to their function.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Brookside Blueprint Plan Rack Stand Will Help Organize Your Office

Keeping your office organized leads to better productivity, time management and helps lower the frustration of misplaced prints within the workplace. A Brookside Blueprint Plan Rack Stand will help you maintain the organization of your plans and blueprints, making them easily accessible. Employees will have the ability to move the stand from one work area to the next via its 3” ball bearing wheels with a rear wheel locking mechanism, making it easily movable from one area of the office to the next for the use of keeping prints readily available and preventing clutter and disorganization.

Everyone will appreciate its ease of use. The rack has a capacity of 1200 sheets and is telescopically adjustable in height and depth for prints up to 60” in length. It comes with twelve chrome plated pivoting blueprint hangers, which swing wide for access making the rack easily accessible and easy to use. The Brookside Blueprint Plan Rack is constructed of heavy gauge steel and has a powder coat finish that is chip resistant. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that your equipment investment is covered. This rack is compatible with the Safco 5026 and Mayline 9429H blueprint stands and racks. This compatibility makes changing from one brand to the next, practical. Hanging clamps from 18” to 42” in size, which are sold separately, gives you flexibility in storing different sized prints on the same rack.

The Brookside Blueprint Plan Rack ensures portability, compatibility, ease of use and expandability for use in your architectural firm, art studio, or engineering firm making it an integral tool to maintain organization of prints and blueprints within the workflow or your organization. A valuable investment, it will aid your staff in their daily functions and is a necessary item for replacement of old equipment or for business expansion. With a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping, you will have the peace of mind of having made a wise business decision to further the smooth operation of your company.