Thursday, July 31, 2014

Information on Hanging Clamps

Hanging clamps are an ideal accessory for the management of blue prints and drawings. They are also also known as blueprint clamps, plan clamps and blueprint holders. These types of clamps are used to store many different hold several different things, but it most poplar with blueprints. It has many featres that prove them to be quite beneficial.

The uses of blueprint clamps includes holding active blueprints so that they can be referenced rather quickly. The clamps allow the prints to be ready and immediately on had whenever they are needed. The prints can be worked on and presented in a presentation all while still in the clamps.

The plan clamps can typically hold up to a maximum of 100 sheets of blueprints and drawings at a time. All 100 sheets are held extremely secure. They are held securely without punching a hole, without stapling or without causing a fold in a single sheet.

These clamps are strategically designed to hang on a large variety storing places. They can be securely stored on rolling stands, mobile planning centers and even wall racks. Using the mobile plan centers is perfect for transporting blueprints to different work areas.

The clamps are made of an extruded, anodized aluminum. There are chrome plated, heavy duty steel wing knobs that open and close the blueprint holders. Inside the clamp is a steel spring that holds the clamps open. When the clamps is held open, it is easy and quick way to fully load the clamp.

These hanging clamps are usually sold in cartons of six clamps. Included with the clamps is a snap-on clear plastic label holder for each of the individual clamps. The clamps come in sizes that range from 11" to 42". There is also a limited lifetime warranty that is included with the clamps.


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