Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Neolt Paper Trimmer Trim Model 59" W/ Stand & Catch

Neolt brings its tradition of superior Italian craftsmanship to the workplace with its line of high precision paper trimmers. The Neolt Paper Trimmer has been designed for a variety of applications. It works well for retrographic work or for use in engineering offices and copy centers. The paper trimmer is designed to trim bond mylar and acetate paper, vellum and film as well as laminated media. The top-mounted swivel handle on Neolt’s Trim Series allows for comfortable use by the operator.
The Trim Series features a rotary head with self-sharpening steel rolling blades paired with steel flat blades. The rolling blades roll on ball bearings and ensure smooth use with very little sound. The head provides fast trimming in both directions without sacrificing accuracy. It can cut at 40-60 feet per second depending on the material being trimmed. The head can be adjusted to a higher or lower position from anywhere along the bar. The paper trimmer is capable of trimming media up to 0.031 inches thick. The shoulder has been designed in such a way that it is possible to trim stock that is longer than the trimmer itself, though the maximum length of a single trim is 59 inches. Imprinted on the baseboard of the Neolt paper trimmer are measurements in metric and imperial to allow for quick reference and calibration without the need for manual metric conversion.
Depending on how the user needs the unit to function in the office, the unit can be mounted onto a tabletop or used with the provided steel stand and waste catcher. Because of its excellent design and craftsmanship, the unit requires little maintenance. It is durable and should last for many years with normal use. It comes with a one-year guarantee against parts and workmanship.


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