Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Advantages of Using a Large Cutting Mat with Grid

Many people who do crafts, drafting or artwork understand the importance of having a cutting mat. Cutting mats come in all sizes today. Some of largest are several feet wide and several feet tall. These mats are very useful in many situations. Using a large cutting mat has several advantages.

Create Long and Clean Cuts

One of the main advantages is that a large cutting mat with grid allows for long and clean cuts across the largest materials. This includes large pieces of paper, oversized boards entire pieces of cloth. The size of the mat makes it possible to create a single continuous cut with a rolling blade or a knife. There is no need to start and stop because the edge was reached. Cutting materials takes less time because of this. It also creates a much cleaner and sharper edge.

Protect an Entire Surface

Smaller cutting mats can protect only a single area of a drafting table or other surface. It is common for the blade to run off the edge and hit the surface underneath. This will create unattractive gouges and lines. Some of these gouges could even lead to problems when working on the surface since they will cause pens or pencils to catch and leave unwanted marks. A large cutting mat that is several feet in length can protect an entire surface so that the underlying table is not damaged.

Multiple People Can Use the Mat

A large cutting mat allows tables or workbenches to be used by several people at the same time. This is useful in colleges, studios or workshops where many people are working on different projects simultaneously. The mat is large enough to allow anywhere from two to three people to cut materials without ever interfering with anyone else. This can help to improve productivity or to let students finish projects much faster.

Measuring Cuts Is Easier

A large cutting mat with grid has a precise network of lines running under the material. This grid makes it easier to measure and plot cuts. The grid can be used to align paper or straightedges quickly and accurately. This is especially helpful when aligning large boards or pieces of fabric that need to be cut straight for several feet. Measuring is easier with the precise grid for guidance.


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