Friday, July 18, 2014

The Benefits of Using Hanging Clamps for Blueprints and Drawings

Clamps are specially designed holders for drawings and blueprints. They come in several sizes. The clamps use springs to help hold drawings together. They can be hung from a rack so that the drawings stay straight and free from harm. A single rack full of clamps can provide storage for an entire studio or office. Using these types of clamps has several advantages.

Save Space

One of the main benefits of using hanging clamps for drawings or blueprints is that they can save space. Horizontal cabinets for drawings can take up a large amount space especially when storing oversized items. The same is true when it comes to storing drawings in tubes. Both of these options take up an unnecessary amount of space. Clamps make it possible to hang drawings on a rack. Hundreds of drawings can be kept on a single compact rack with just a few clamps.

Protect Drawings and Blueprints

It is important to protect drawings and blueprints from damage while in storage. The drawings can easily be damaged when stored in a drawer. Sorting through the drawings in the drawer can lead to tears, smudges and unwanted fingerprint marks. Drawings can be damaged easily when rolled and kept in a storage tube as well. Clamps can keep drawings hanging vertically in a location that is out-of-the-way. They make it simple to access the drawings without causing damage. The clamps themselves are even designed to not cause damage when binding multiple drawings together.

Stay Organized

Organization is important in any office that relies on blueprints or drawings. A single lost blueprint could set entire projects back by days or weeks. It can be easy to lose a drawing when relying on cabinets and storage tubes. Using a hanging rack is a far better option. Hanging clamps can hold up to 100 drawings without any problems. This means each clamp can hold all the blueprints for a single project in one place. They could also hold everything done by a single person for a project. Using clamps and racks is the best way to stay organized when dealing with many drawings and blueprints.


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