Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What are the best Blueprint Hanging Clamps?

Easy to Use Hangers

Drafters and architects using specialized racks to store their blueprints in offices or homes require numerous hanging clamps to hold various sizes of paper. The devices used to attach blueprints or drawings to adjustable racks must be made carefully to not mar or tear the delicate blueprint paper. In addition, the attachment devices should be easy to hang and retrieve by employees needing to look at blueprints. At the same time, the items must be affordable and long lasting to help businesses maintain a company’s budget that is earmarked for buying storage supplies. Finding storage supplies meant for drafting and architectural drawings is often difficult because these are specialty items not sold in brick-and-mortar stores.

Avoid Damaging Delicate Paper

Fortunately, there are online sources for buying blueprint hangers that interchange with several rack manufacturers, making it easier for drafting companies and architectural firms to order the devices. Choosing interchangeable products is a big time-saver for employees who do not need to worry about hanging blueprints on different brands of racks. Selecting a blueprint holder device made of sturdy aluminum ensures that the product will last for many years providing an excellent option for long-term storage. The item must have easy to use buttons or levers with springs located on each end of the hanger, making it easy to place blueprints into the devices. The levers or buttons need to be made from heavy-duty steel that resists breakage to avoid damaging delicate blueprint paper.

Simple to Label Devices

Selecting hanging clamps from a well-known manufacturer of blueprint storage products means that it is easy to store up to 100 sheets of draft paper on each device. To keep track of particular blueprints to retrieve the items quickly requires having labeling devices that permit inserting a paper or cardboard label. Plastic label features on blueprint hangers are especially important at public libraries, schools and museums that store blueprints, artwork or maps. Available in packages of six blueprint holders, the devices are made to hold large sheets of paper securely without metal rivets or staples that cause damage.


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