Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Choose the Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Rack?

Architects and drafters require a specialized storage device to hold large blueprints without folding or creasing the delicate paper. At the same time, being able to move the architectural designs from location to location in an office environment is vital to prevent rips. The Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Rack has been specially designed by experts in the industry who understand the needs of drafters and architects. Instead of struggling to store and move blueprint designs on extra long and wide sheets of paper, select a product that saves time and effort. This affordable rack is made of durable steel painted in beige, allowing it to coordinate with any office’s decor.

Versatile Storage Device

Because this architectural drawing stand is moved frequently, it is made with a scratch resistant finish and limited lifetime warranty. It is possible to store up to 1,200 supersize documents with 12 specialized clamps that are made to hold the drawings carefully without marring or tearing the paper. Customers can easily order the clamps at the same time to begin using this quality storage item as soon as possible. Architects and drafters will like the versatility of using this particular rack interchangeably with other stands. This stand is incredibly simple to use, making it suitable for drawings that are either in process or completed work. Instead of struggling to find a place to store blueprints, order this device that requires a minimal amount of space.

Adjustable Rack Height

The height of the Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Rack is adjustable, making it simpler to store designs on various lengths of paper. Drafters and architects can retrieve the clamps filled with blueprints from the top of the storage device. The four legs of the ball bearing swivel casters roll easily without falling from the stand. The two back casters have a locking feature that keeps the rack in one location when necessary. Not only is this storage device suitable for architectural and drafting firms, it has additional uses in facilities such as public libraries to hold documents such as maps and artwork.


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