Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why a Large Cutting Mat with Grid Should Be a Part of Any Studio

Cutting mats are used in many different types of studios, offices and homes. They provide protection for surfaces while also allowing for smoother cuts. Some cutting mats are big enough to fit on the largest tables. Some can even be custom trimmed. Every studio should have a large cutting mat with a precise measuring grid for several reasons.

Create a Functional Work Surface

A large cutting mat with grid can create a functional working space from any table or other surface. Not all surfaces are good for measuring and cutting. Some have imperfections that can cause blades to catch. Some are too hard for tools. The cutting mat is large enough to turn nearly any surface into an area that can easily accommodate blades, tacks and other tools for drafting or crafts. An added benefit is that the entire surface will be covered by the mat so that every inch becomes usable space.

Preserve Blades and Cutting Tools

The key to a clean and professional cut is a sharp blade or cutting tool. Something that can wear down blades fast is a hard surface like a modern drafting board or a metal table. These surfaces can dull the tip of the blade and eventually the rest of the edge. A large cutting mat can help to preserve blades and cutting tools. The mat is made from 180-gauge polyethylene. This is thick enough to allow the blade to move without contacting the underlying surface. Tools will last for a much longer time when using a large cutting mat.

Improve Precision When Making Cuts

One of the most useful parts of a self-healing large cutting mat with grid is the carefully spaced pattern of lines underneath. These lines are placed precisely an inch apart from each other across the entire mat. They are aligned in straight horizontal and vertical lines. This grid makes it easy to cut in straight lines and to make right angles. It can make it unnecessary to handle bulky oversized straightedges. The grid also allows for straight cuts on the largest materials. A large mat with a grid can make every cut more precise and accurate.


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