Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why a Neolt Paper Trimmer Trim Model Is the Best Choice

The reality is that cutting paper is a part of everyday activities for many people and businesses. Using a self-healing cutting mat and a simple knife is not always the best option. This is especially true with larger pieces of paper or artboard that extend beyond the typical size of cutting mats and straightedges. Fortunately, there are other options available. A freestanding rotary cutter can make all the difference. There are several reasons to use this type of trimmer.

Smoother Edges

The first reason is that a rotary trimmer will create smoother edges on paper or board. A typical knife will catch on some of the edges of the paper. This leads to a small amount of tearing that makes the edge look worn or unprofessional. A rotary trimmer uses a sharp blade that is continually moving down and through the paper. There is no tearing because the blade never has a chance to catch the grain. This leads to straight and clean edges every time.


Trimming paper with a traditional knife takes time. At least two points have to be measured. A straightedge is needed. The person doing the trimming needs to be careful and accurate. This all wastes time especially when a dozen or more cuts are required. A Neolt paper trimmer trim model can increase the speed of this process by a significant amount. The rotary trimmer allows someone to slice though paper or board in just a few seconds. The blade is on a solid rail so that the cutting line is always straight. This saves time.


The grain of paper or board is always a problem. It is common for a regular knife to catch on something and then veer away from the intended cutting line. This can ruin a valuable board or piece of art. One of the advantages of a Neolt paper trimmer trim model is that it is always accurate. The blade is going to move exactly as expected. Inconsistencies with the paper will never make a difference. This accuracy allows for a higher level of confidence when working with expensive papers or finished pieces of art that are irreplaceable.


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