Friday, August 29, 2014

Designmaster Drafting Table

Large Work Surface

Anyone working as an architect or drafter at home or in an office requires a big work desk with an adjustable surface. Drawing on a large sheet of specialized draft paper requires avoiding rips and smudges while adding details to blueprints. A traditional flat surface desk or table is not appropriate for professional drafting purposes. The Alvin manufacturer offers a DesignMaster drafting table black base product that is affordable and durable with easy flat fee shipping by truck to many geographic regions.

Sturdy Stabilized Construction

Made in the United States with a limited lifetime warranty, it is made of heavy-duty steel tubing that resists corrosion and breakage despite long-term use. Sturdy stabilized construction ensures the table does not tip over while an architect is working. The black base crossbars are placed in both directions toward the bottom of the table to keep the table in its correct position while working. The metal materials are professionally welded to the table’s top and crossbars to prevent bending or breaking.

Attractive White Tabletop

The metallic surfaces are coated with a scratch resistant substance to keep the table looking its best for many years. With an adjustable top, the table’s work surface is easy for people of different heights to use. The top of the table has an attractive white Melamine surface that provides no shadowing on drafting or architectural paper, making it easy for someone to draw blueprints and schematics. The top has a smooth finish with no seams to help prevent errors while creating intricate drawings necessary for building and equipment design.

Small Storage Drawer

When the table’s top is down, the black vinyl trim provides a decorative appearance to complement the black legs. An easy to turn black plastic knob on the side of the table makes it simple to raise and lower the top to work on different projects or shift between employees. A small drawer is located under the table’s top to hold tools required for drawing. An additional feature is a lock on the drawer to prevent theft of valuable equipment

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Frank Lloyd Wright has been justifiably called one of the greatest architects that ever lived.

Wright was born on June 8, 1867, in Richland Center, Wisconsin. It has been said that he was an outdoorsy child that fell in love with the Wisconsin landscape that he explored as a young boy. He stated in later years, "The modeling of the hills, the weaving and fabric that clings to them, the look of it all in tender green or covered with snow or in full glow of summer that bursts into the glorious blaze of autumn, I still feel myself as much a part of it as the trees and birds and bees are, and the red barns."

Wright graduated high school in 1885, and that year enrolled in the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and decided to major in civil engineering. He took a job with the dean of the engineering department and worked with the acclaimed architect Joseph Silsbee on constructing the Unity Chapel. This experience inspired Wright to become an architect, and dropped out in 1887 to work for Silsbee in Chicago. He then took an apprenticeship at the Chicago architectural firm of Adler and Sullivan, working directly under the great architect Louis Sullivan.

During the next several years Wright designed many residences and public buildings that became known as examples for the "Prairie School" of architecture. The Robie House in Chicago and the Unity Temple in Oak Park are just two of his amazing works that were made during that time.

In his later years, Wright turned to some private home construction, as well as public buildings. Then in 1943 he started a project that consumed the last 16 years of his life, which was the Guggenheim Museum of modern and contemporary art in New York City. Which he has been quoted saying, "For the first time art will be seen as if through an open window, and, of all places, in New York. It astounds me."

Wright sadly passed on April 9, 1959, at the age 91, only six days before the Guggenheim was scheduled to open. He made such an impact on architecture as a whole, with an American style that focused on simplicity and natural beauty, while contrasting with elaborate and ornate architecture that was successful in Europe. He designed over 1,100 buildings in his lifetime, and continues to live on through his wonderful creations.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Portable Drafting Board & Straightedge

The 30x42 Alvin Deluxe Portable Drafting Board & Straightedge is one of the best drafting tables on the market. It is used by many draftsmen, architects, engineers and artists. This drafting table is completely portable, which makes it excellent for use at home and at work as well as on the road.

The Alvin Deluxe Portable Drafting Board & Straightedge is covered with Vyco board. This is the standard board material of choice for drafting boards today. Professionals and students alike appreciate Vyco’s smoothness and easy writing surface. The Vyco covers a strong and durable Melamine surface that allows for a drawing and writing surface that is 100% bump pliable. In addition, the inside of the board is made of a quality particle board substrate for added strength.

There is also a parallel straight edge that has an acrylic linking edge made of quality clear acrylic. The blade is phenolic, and it glides smoothly on bearings made of nylon. Users can cut with the blade over the entire surface of the board for large cuts. The smooth guide wires allow the blade to go parallel across the drafting board easily and without snags.

At the bottom of the drafting table are two metal legs that can be folded under or propped up at different angles for easy use of the table while seated or standing. Some draftsmen may prefer to use the table flat, and that is possible as well. There are tracks made of grippy rubber that let the front end of the board hang off of the edge of a table as much as eight inches. This lets draftsmen and artists keep their working surface closer to them, and gives a bigger working angle as well.

When users receive the table, there is no assembly required, making this a quick and efficient purchase. This drafting table and other quality tables and accessories like it can be found online or in some brick and mortar drafting supply stores. Those who are new to using drafting tables will find this unit quick to assemble, easy to use, reasonably priced and very long lasting.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Advantages of Using an Adjustable Fluorescent Drafting Lamp

The type of lighting a person is using can have a significant impact on the work performed while drafting a design or illustrating a picture. The wrong lighting can cast shadows over the work or could be so dim that it is hard to distinguish fine details. The solution is to use an adjustable drafting lamp with fluorescent bulbs. These lamps have several advantages.

Attach To Nearly Any Surface

One of the main benefits of a quality drafting lamp is that it can be attached to nearly any surface. This includes desks, shelves and angled drafting tables. The clamps can accommodate surfaces that are over 2 inches thick. This is different from some other types of tabletop lamps. Those types of lights can rest only on surfaces that are flat and that have space available. This is impractical for drafting or illustration. A drafting lamp is a necessity when performing professional work on angled tables and boards.

Get Light Where It Is Needed

The fluorescent drafting lamp has three separate joints that allow the light to be positioned wherever it is needed without a problem. The lamp can be folded and compressed when not in use so that it does not block natural light. The lamp can be positioned high over the work surface so that it never interferes with tools like parallel rules. The light can be positioned so that the head is very close to the work surface. This provides the type of bright illumination that is necessary when working on the very fine details of a design. The adjustable lamp can provide bright light in any situation.

Reduce Power Use

The overhead lights in an office or studio must usually all be turned on at the same time. There is no way to turn on just one light over the head of a single person working on a design. This wastes power and increases the cost of overhead. A fluorescent drafting lamp provides light to just the person who needs it. There is no reason to have all the lights in an office on just so that one person can work. Individual drafting lamps will reduce energy use over using multiple overhead lights throughout a space.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Designmaster Drafting Table

Choosing a drafting table can be a challenge for any new architect, engineer, artist or draftsman. There are several considerations that should be thought over before making the purchase.

Size needed for paper

It is vital that the buyer chooses a table that will be the best fit for whatever materials they are working with. For example, if large blueprints need to be spread across the drafting table, a large work surface will be necessary. On the other hand, drafters who work with smaller materials or artists who are working on standard sized paper will need only small workspaces, and a large surface may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Size needed for chair

Some artists, architects, engineers and draftsmen prefer to work at stools or chairs that sit high off the ground. In that case, the drafting table will need to either be adjustable or static at a high level. In contrast, there are some nonadjustable drafting tables that are set at desk height. These tables can be used with regular desk chairs, and some draftsmen prefer them.


Some drafting tables are only tables. They have no storage for blueprints, large plans, rulers or pencils. Other, more advanced drafting tables have storage for all of these things and more. This is a personal preference, but tables with more storage will likely cost more.

Individuals who are on the lookout for a quality draft table should consider the Designmaster Drafting Table. This table has 18 gauge tubing made of steel as opposed to pre-fab steel in sheets and adjustable legs to change height easily. It also benefits from maximum stability, rigidity and strength. The clean surface of this drafting table is smooth and made of a matte white Melamine material. The edges of the table are a quality black vinyl. There is also a large tool drawer for easy to access storage of items like rulers, compasses and pencils. If more drawers are required, there is plenty of room and additional fittings for up to two more drawers. The table can be purchased online at a great price.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Safco Standard Hanging Clamps

Safco standard hanging clamps are the ideal solution for storing architectural blueprints. A standard 30” clamp is ideal for storing and safeguarding 30X42 inch blueprints. Safco aluminum planhold clamps are sold by the carton. Each carton contains six hanging clamps.

Safco Standard Hanging Clamps

Regardless of the brand, Safco hanging clamps are compatible with any drawing rack or stand. These professional hanging clamps are constructed from extruded aluminum and feature cast alloy wing knobs plated with polished chrome. Safco hanging clamps utilize variable tension technology mounting clips to eliminate sticking and jamming when inserting valuable blueprints for safe storage. Safco wing knobs come with a ten year warranty, and the wing knobs are covered by an impressive lifetime guarantee.

Safco hanging clamps can hold as many as 100 sheets or up to 20 pounds of drawings. Labeling is made easy by Safco’s convenient plastic label holders. Although the portion of the clamp that actually holds the blueprints is 30 inches in length, the total length of the clamp is 31-3/4 inches. Just loosen the chrome wing knobs, insert the drawings and tighten the wing knobs. Most hanging stands can accommodate as many as 12 hanging clamps.

Hanging Clamps

Safco hanging clamps can be used to secure blueprints or any large document for that matter. An architectural design firm can greatly benefit from the efficiency and organization that a blueprint storage system can provide. Referencing every set of plans for easy access is the epitome of architectural professionalism. Other common names for hanging clamps include drawing sticks, plan sticks and plan clamps.

Plan clamps automatically adjust to the thickness of a set of drawings, but the length of a hanging clamp cannot be adjusted. Hanging clamps can be purchased in a variety of lengths, including 18, 24, 30, 36 and 42 inches. Typically, a 24” clamp is used to clamp a 24X36 inch set of drawings. Simply clamp the 24” end of the plans and allow the length of the drawings to hang down. A 36” clamp can also be used for the same plans, leaving a bit of clamp overhang on either side of the set of blueprints.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hanging Clamps 30" Pkg 6 for Plan Racks & Blueprint Racks By Alvin

Blueprint racks and plan racks by Alvin, Safco, Mayline, and PlanHold all require hanging clamps for the storage of blueprints, plans, and documents. The hanging clamps are available from 18” to 42” in size, and are interchangeable between all the brands of racks listed above.

These 30” extruded aluminum hanging clamps are ideal for storage of large format documents, and keep them organized and close at hand. The clamps have jaws that open wide for simple loading, and firmly clamp the document in place. Each clamp can accommodate up to 20lbs or 100 sheets, providing you with plenty of storage room!

The clamps feature solid steel wing nuts with built in stops that prevent them from falling off, and are professional grade for field and/or office use. They also include a plastic label holder so labeling and organizing your work is made simple!

They are packaged and sold six per box, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. If organization and storage is what you need then these hanging clamps are the way to go! Try them today to see the difference they can make!

24" Hanging Clamps for 24" x 36" Sheets

Safco hanging clamps were designed to be used with the Safco vertical storage cabinet. The hanging clamps come in 18”, 24”, 30”, and 36” sizes. They are ideal for holding and organziing blueprints, plans, and other documents.

The 24” extruded aluminum hanging clamps are made for 24” x 36” size sheets, and are durably designed to hold documents firmly in place. The clamps feature black wing knobs for added resilience and gripping tension, as well as providing a sleek look for presentation. Each clamp can accommodate up to 20lbs or 100 sheets, so you have plenty of storage space! They also include plastic label holders so you can easily label and organize your work.

These Safco clamps are packaged and sold six per box, and come with a limited lifetime warranty! Organization and storage become effortless with these handy clamps! Try them today and see what a difference they can make!

Friday, August 15, 2014

What to Look For When Choosing a Blueprint Plan Rack

A blueprint plan rack is an important tool in any studio. The rack helps to protect blueprints and keep everything organized. A few different options are available when shopping for these types of racks. There are several things to look for when choosing a blueprint plan rack.


The first thing to look at is the maximum capacity of the blueprint plan rack. A busy office could accumulate hundreds of blueprints over the course of several projects. It is often necessary to hold these blueprints for a long time until the projects are fully completed. This is why it is important to consider a unit like the Safco 5026 blueprint plan rack. The rack can hold up to 12 clamps worth of blueprints. This gives the rack a capacity of nearly 1,200 blueprints when fully loaded.

Casters or Wheels

Many storage units for blueprints are static. They sit in one location in a studio. They cannot be moved easily once filled with blueprints. This can create problems when space is limited or when collaborating on a design. Something to look for is a blueprint rack that has wheels or casters on the bottom. The wheels will make the rack mobile so that it can be rolled into whatever location is necessary.

Sturdy Design

A blueprint rack is an investment. The unit should last for a long time and should resist normal wear around an office. The design of the rack should be as sturdy as possible. This means it should be made from metal and not from lightweight plastics or other materials. Metal units like the Safco 5026 blueprint plan rack will last for a very long time, are easy to maintain and resist damage very well. A metal rack will endure even the roughest handling over the years.

Adjustable Size

The final thing to consider is the size. The size of a rack determines the maximum size of blueprint that can be held. It is best to choose an adjustable rack. Adjustable racks can be set to whatever height is needed to accommodate the blueprints. Adjustable racks offer more flexibility when used across multiple projects.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reasons to Choose the Safco 5026 Blueprint Plan Rack

There are many different ways to store blueprints in an office. Some methods like using storage tubes or a flat file are not very efficient. A better option is to use a special rack that allows blueprints to be hung vertically in clamps. There are several reasons to choose the Safeco 5026 rack for blueprints.

Save Desktop Space

One of the first reasons to choose this style of plan rack is to save desktop space throughout the office. The Safco 5026 blueprint plan rack is a freestanding unit. The rack is fully self-contained and rests on the floor. This means that it is unnecessary to dedicate cabinet, drawer or desk space to blueprints. The rack can store over 1,000 blueprints vertically so that they take up the smallest amount of space possible.

Protect Blueprints

Blueprints can be damaged in any number of ways around an office. Drinks or drafting supplies can spill on the surface. They could become folded or torn when left in the open on drafting tables or desks. The blueprints might crease or tear when taken in and out of a storage tube several times every week. The rack provides protection because the blueprints and hanging vertically in a dedicated area. The rack can be stored in a location where there is no chance of damaging the blueprints.


One of the nice features of the Safco 5026 blueprint plan rack is that it is on a set of casters. The casters allow the rack to be easily moved from one location to the next. This will make it more convenient to shuffle hundreds of blueprints around an office. It can even be used to move blueprints around a building or to an outdoor location. The rack can be rolled into a closet when not in use to maximize floor space.

Access Blueprints Fast

A final reason to choose the rack is that it allows fast access to all blueprints. The rack can hold 12 different hanging clamps. The clamps slide easily from side to side. Anyone in the office can quickly sort through the clamps in order to find the blueprints that are needed. This can make the office more efficient.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Visi-Racks with Five 8” Bins, Four 6” Bins & Four 4” Bins by BD Vertical Roll Storage Racks for Blueprints, Documents, Drawings, & Maps

Visi-Racks are the ultimate solution for high volume storage in a small space. Accommodates blueprints, plans, maps, drawings, drafting paper, vellum, film, and other documents. The racks are capable of being hung on the wall to take up even less space, or you can attach two racks together for a vertical roll storage stand.

Visi-Racks is constructed with heavy duty steel, and is coated in a textured black powder paint for added durability. Each bin is able to hold up to 60lbs, with a total capacity of 960lbs, that provides plenty of storage room while taking up minimal floor space. The posts that hold the bins are welded at an angle, and extend about 9” off the rack frame. The five 8” bins hold extra-large rolls, the four 6” bins hold medium to semi-large rolls, and 4” bins hold the smaller rolls.

This product is perfect for anyone in need of large capacity storage space in a small area, and for many different careers that require storage of blueprints, plans, maps, etc. Make work life simple and organized with the Visi-Racks today! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Isometric Piping Template

A drafter is a highly sought after position. Drafters aid in the creation and construction of blueprints and plans for anything from industrial buildings to homes and recreational locations. Drafters know how to plan everything from the electrical systems in the walls of a large skyscraper to the plumbing systems throughout a factory location. Drafters are required to know and plan out all restrictions, calculations, guidelines, dimensions and worker responsibilities in their building and product plans.

For a long time, drafting was a profession that involved an individual sitting in front of a drafting table with a pencil, paper and ruler set. Today, drafting software tools such as CADD are used on computers, however, paper and pencil are still very important to the profession.

There are many tools and accessories required to be a drafter. Many of the tools and accessories that a drafter uses will depend on what area of drafting that individual works in. Drafters can choose to work on manufacturing plants, power plants, large structures in metropolitan areas or even homes.

Once they have chosen their area of expertise, they are required to have the appropriate tools and materials. For example, a drafter who works in electricity and plumbing will need drafting supplies like an isometric piping template. This template will be useful in hand drawing process flow plans. Common symbols that the isometric piping template will include are pumps, flow nozzles, data flags, gates and vessel heads. This item alone may cost $20, and one drafter may need ten or more similar templates.

A day in the life of a drafter might include creating project drawings for building inspections, blueprints for future construction projects or drawn representations of future plans. Some drafters even work in creating models and artistic drawings that may accompany more industrial plans. For those individuals who are interested in becoming drafters, school is a necessity. After graduation, drafters are often hired for internships first. They will need to purchase all of their materials and tools themselves as they work their way up the ladder. Finally, drafters usually find work with a construction agency or team of architects and engineers. Find drafting supplies online or in some brick and mortar drafting supply stores.

PXB Parallel Straightedge Board 30x42

At Drafting Steals we offer high quality drawing boards, they have a white surface that is made from melamine, and covers a high density warp free particle board. The straight edge bar on the boards is made of aluminum, and has acrylic edges. They also feature a handle and legs for simple transport and convenience.

The PXB Parallel Straightedge Board comes fully assembled and ready to use.  With its compact body and laminate drawing space it provides a professional work surface in an easy, transportable unit. This board features spring-loaded hardware that is capable of holding vellum, cardboard, or paper. There is also a raised reinforcing bar that provides added support and stability.

The straightedge and straightedge lock this board features eliminates the need for a T-square, and allows you to draw lines with ease and precision. The straightedge also includes knobs that can adjust the fine tuning parallelism, this comes in handy when switching boards to start a new project.

This board is perfect for students and professionals alike, and for any work or hobby that requires drafting or drawing. With all the convenient features this product has to offer work can be made easy, fast, and comfortable.  

Friday, August 8, 2014

Craft Table With Glass Top

There are many tools and accessories that are necessary for drafters, architects and engineers. Because these professions require so much schooling, knowledge and skill, it is vital that the necessary tools and accessories be of the best quality. Furthermore, the quality often necessitates a higher price tag, and for that reason, it is wise for purchasers of these sometimes expensive items to also purchase warranties in case anything goes wrong or there is a breakage.

One item that is extremely important to drafters, architects and engineers is the drafting table. Drafting tables come in all sizes, shapes and levels of quality. Some drafting tables may be free-standing and weigh over fifty pounds, for example, while others may actually sit on top of a regular table and weigh much less. Some drafting tables have storage for blueprints and other designs, ruler holders and pencil sharpeners while others offer a drafting surface and that’s all.

Drafting tables are not only used by drafters, architects and engineers. A craft table with glass maybe useful for crafters, artists or designers as well. The glass top table is easy to clean, and it offers a smooth and clean writing or drawing surface for any creative person. A craft table with glass top also allows for simple tracing or copying without cluttering the work surface. A stencil, outline or additional drawing can be taped to the underside of a craft table with glass top so that it is visible above, making work easier and less cluttered. These tables can incorporate lights below the work surface as well to aid in tracing.

Finally, drafting tables and crafting tables like these offer a modern and stylish design while also including the same traditional functions of the classic drafting or crafting table. Tables can be modified and upgraded to meet the requirements and desires of the users. For example, lights, rulers, guidelines and extra space can be added for a few extra dollars. These tables and more can be purchased online or in brick and mortar drafting supply stores. Read reviews and ratings before making a purchase, and don’t forget warranties if the price tag is over a few hundred dollars.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Edge Binding System

For companies in the business of creating building plans and other drawings, it is vital they have an edge binding system that will protect the drawings from becoming damaged. To make sure the drawings stay in top shape, edge binding tape is used with an edge binding machine to make sure the drawings can be safely stored without being accidentally torn or have other damage happen to the outer edges of the paper.

With any edge binding system, edge binding tape is needed to ensure all of a company's drawings are made safe and secure. There are two major ways in which edge binding tape works within the system to accomplish this. The first involves its use in binding together engineering and architectural blueprint plans, documents and maps. In this case, the tape is used to bind everything together so that it can be put in storage or kept together for use in an upcoming presentation. This is very important, since often items put in storage can be moved many times and run the risk of becoming damaged. Likewise, plans that are being used for a presentation are handled quite frequently, increasing the chance of having them get torn.

These systems also work to make sure the outer edges of plans and other drawings stay in good condition. Blueprint plans, drawings, maps and other documents which are frequently handled over the course of time eventually begin to show signs of damage. To prevent this, it's a good idea to use edge binding tape to bind the outer edges of all the important papers to guard against damage to the outer area. This is very useful for plans and drawings that will be used in a presentation to clients, where everything needs to look and sound good in order to impress the client.

By using edge binding tape in a system, drawings and maps can be protected against damage that might render them useless before a big presentation to an important client. Available in white, black, red and blue the tape can prove very helpful in keeping everything safe and secure.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mayline Rolling Blueprint Rack With Hangers

Blueprint racks and stands are the ultimate storage accessory for all your blueprint plan storage needs. Compact to take up minimal space, yet still able to accommodate 1200 to 1800 sheets per rack, depending on the model. They are available with or without hanging clamps, and clamps are able to hold up to 100 plans each! Some models of blueprint stands are mobile and perfect for simple transport on job sites. Other models are racks that are capable of being suspended directly to the wall, taking up even less space!

Mayline Rolling Blueprint Rack is the perfect choice for organizing and storing blueprints, maps, and other documents. The height is adjustable to 60", the depth to 43", and the width to 26 3/4". Also at 55lbs, it is compact enough for a small environment, yet can accommodate up to 1200 sheets of any size! This model includes 12 hangers that are capable of holding 12 hanging clamps (sold separately) of varying sizes. The clamps are conveniently interchangeable so you use them with other manufactures products as well! This rack also features casters, which allow for easy transport wherever you may need it. This product has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

So, if you need to keep your documents organized and close at hand then the Mayline Rolling Blueprint Rack is perfect for you! De-clutter and revamp your work environment with this useful product!

Scalex Planwheel SA2 for Blueprints, Maps, & Architectural Plans

At Drafting Steals we offer a large assortment of map measuring tools. Some of the products we carry are: computing planmeters, curve meters, scale masters, planimeters, double readout plan meters, and many more! Each tool is made to uniquely fit your varying needs, and to help you better and more easily                                                                                                 measure maps and plans!

The Scalex Planwheel is ideal for blueprints, plans, and maps, as well as a multitude of jobs and projects. From construction and electrical work to gardening and landscape work, this tool can quickly estimate the cost of a job, distances, and much more! It features 111 built in scales, the common scales imperial and metric, and measures in inches, feet, yards, miles, centimeters, meters, and kilometers. It also includes mapping scales, engineering scales, architectural scales, and metric scales. This tool also capability to program additional user defined scales for your convenience.

The Scalex Planwheel has the ability to calculate auto scale factors from enlarged, reduced, or odd scale drawings. It can also calculate cubic and square dimensions for regular volumes and areas, and features adder and counter buttons that lets you add fixed lengths or count items as you scale. This tool also has a clear and audible tone that indicates wheel movement, as well as an automatic shut off that helps provide a long battery life. Also features a plus and minus sign mode that permits you to reduce an over-rolled measurement.

Ditch the pen, paper, and calculator and make work and life simpler with this efficient, reliable, and versatile tool! 

Vellum Title Block Standard 1000HTS Printed Lower Right for Engineering & Architectural 24x36

Clearprint 1000H vellum is made with 100% new cotton fiber that was developed in 1933 for the drafting industry. It has been transparentized without solvents so that is has the appropriate translucency. Can be used with oil, watercolor, or acrylic paints, printmaking, ink, pastels, charcoal, graphite, or three dimensional sculpture. It is also capable of being put through controllable temperature laser printers and inkjet printers. This unique paper is durable yet transparent, and is resistant to cracking, yellowing, and ghosting.

The Vellum Title Block Standard paper has title block/ border printed on the bottom right corner of the page.  It has archival quality, erasability without ghosting, and redraw characteristics. It can be used with ink or pencil and is ideal for engineers and architects. We offer a multitude of sizes, and is available in packages of 10 or 100 sheets.

Vellum paper is a renowned alternative to traditional fine art paper, and is now the preferred medium to work with. Experience the excellent difference with your projects today! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Blueprint Wall Rack BD Wall Rack with Hangers for Blueprints

Blueprint racks and stands are the ultimate storage accessory for all your blueprint plan storage needs. Compact to take up minimal space, yet still able to accommodate 1200 to 1800 sheets per rack, depending on the model. They are available with or without hanging clamps, and clamps are able to hold up to 100 plans each! Some models of blueprint stands are mobile and perfect for simple transport on job sites. Other models are racks that are capable of being suspended directly to the wall, taking up even less space!

This blueprint rack model is a wall rack that includes 12 chrome plated pivoting hangers, and stud spaced mounting holes that allow it to be securely mounted to the wall. The hangers can accept 12 hanging clamps of any size (sold separately), and come in sizes 18” to 42”. This rack can easily accommodate up to 1200 sheets, and the hangers swing wide for ease of access to your documents. The rack is constructed with heavy gauge steel for durability, and is coated in a beige powder coat finish that is resistant to chipping. 

This rack is perfect for keeping active documents, blueprints, maps, etc. organized and close at hand, and is especially efficient for limited space work environments. Ideal for architectural, engineering, and construction applications, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty!

CraftMaster II Glass Top Desk, Craft table, or Hobby Station 28 X 40

Craft tables and hobby stations are perfect for storage of drawing and art supplies, and provide a large surface area to work. They feature adjustable tops, and are available in drafting or desk height. Drafting steals offers a traditional design, as well as a modern glass top design.

The glass top table was designed for functionality, durability, and style. Ideal for many different professions and/or hobbies, this product has everything you need. Features two full sized storage trays on the side with removable covers, as well as two 4-drawer storage units, allowing you to keep your tools and supplies organized and close at hand. The surface of the table is made of black tempered glass with a reinforced steel frame underneath for added sturdiness, and is 28" x 40" in size, providing you with plenty of space to work.

The table is angle adjustable with dual, quick release tilt mechanisms that will lock into position simply with one hand. It is also height adjustable and easily locks into the position that best suits you. The table is mobile on four casters, as well as floor glides, and allows for quick and simple transport. It is also capable of accommodating a clamp mounted swing arm drafting lamp.

Other features include: a rubber treaded crossbar footrest that provides 29" of ample leg room for comfort, a front edge tool tray for even more storage room, anti-sway mounts for added stability, and a powder-coated chrome color finish.

This efficient table provides convenience for your work and/or hobbies, and creates a more productive environment for all your creative expression and needs.   

Large Cutting Mat 4x8 Feet No Grid

At drafting steals we offer two different cutting mats, a large cutting mat and a self-healing cutting mat, as well as an array of different sized mats to best suit your needs. They are available up to 6 feet by 12 feet and 4 by 16 feet in length. Also available with or without an underlay alignment grid. The underlay alignment grids are printed in dark blue and are made out of polystyrene.

The large cutting mats are capable of covering an entire table or work bench, and have a unique self- sealing property that is perfect for cutting of any kind. From cutting fabric or quilting, to banners and signs, this product provides you a safe space to work. Made from durable polyethylene plastic (180 gauge OVER 5/32" thick) it protects table tops, as well as the sharpness of your blade. It also has a translucent non-glare surface that provides a functional place to work. We also offer to custom cut the mat to size for free if you desire.

This product is ideal for a multitude of different hobbies and professions. Great for crafts, sewing, quilting, as well as graphic art, sign production, presentation and model making, and designers of any kind! These mats provide an excellent space that allows for ease of work and productivity. 

Technical Drawing Outfit With 18x24 Board & Case

This efficient case includes all the tools and supplies needed for anyone with a career or interest in drafting, drawing, or art. Perfectly suited for any student or professional of architecture, engineering, advertising, or mechanical drawing, as well as any student in junior high, vocational, high school, or college level class.

The case is durable to ensure long lasting use, and compact enough to easily carry anywhere you need to take it. Whether it be a job site or class, this useful product will keep you prepared for any project.

Each case conveniently includes: 6" bow pencil compass and divider, 18" x 24" drawing board with metal edges, 24" transparent edge T-square, 8" 45°/90°, 10" 30°/60° triangles, 6" semicircular protractor, 12 1/2" irregular curve, 12" architects’ triangular scale, Sandpaper pointer pad, H and 4H pencils and sharpener, soft pencil eraser, art gum eraser, erasing shield, 3/4" x 10 yard roll of drafting tape, and a cross section sketch pad.

Make work and class life simple with this resourceful item that meets all of your project needs.