Monday, August 4, 2014

Blueprint Wall Rack BD Wall Rack with Hangers for Blueprints

Blueprint racks and stands are the ultimate storage accessory for all your blueprint plan storage needs. Compact to take up minimal space, yet still able to accommodate 1200 to 1800 sheets per rack, depending on the model. They are available with or without hanging clamps, and clamps are able to hold up to 100 plans each! Some models of blueprint stands are mobile and perfect for simple transport on job sites. Other models are racks that are capable of being suspended directly to the wall, taking up even less space!

This blueprint rack model is a wall rack that includes 12 chrome plated pivoting hangers, and stud spaced mounting holes that allow it to be securely mounted to the wall. The hangers can accept 12 hanging clamps of any size (sold separately), and come in sizes 18” to 42”. This rack can easily accommodate up to 1200 sheets, and the hangers swing wide for ease of access to your documents. The rack is constructed with heavy gauge steel for durability, and is coated in a beige powder coat finish that is resistant to chipping. 

This rack is perfect for keeping active documents, blueprints, maps, etc. organized and close at hand, and is especially efficient for limited space work environments. Ideal for architectural, engineering, and construction applications, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty!


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