Thursday, August 21, 2014

Designmaster Drafting Table

Choosing a drafting table can be a challenge for any new architect, engineer, artist or draftsman. There are several considerations that should be thought over before making the purchase.

Size needed for paper

It is vital that the buyer chooses a table that will be the best fit for whatever materials they are working with. For example, if large blueprints need to be spread across the drafting table, a large work surface will be necessary. On the other hand, drafters who work with smaller materials or artists who are working on standard sized paper will need only small workspaces, and a large surface may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Size needed for chair

Some artists, architects, engineers and draftsmen prefer to work at stools or chairs that sit high off the ground. In that case, the drafting table will need to either be adjustable or static at a high level. In contrast, there are some nonadjustable drafting tables that are set at desk height. These tables can be used with regular desk chairs, and some draftsmen prefer them.


Some drafting tables are only tables. They have no storage for blueprints, large plans, rulers or pencils. Other, more advanced drafting tables have storage for all of these things and more. This is a personal preference, but tables with more storage will likely cost more.

Individuals who are on the lookout for a quality draft table should consider the Designmaster Drafting Table. This table has 18 gauge tubing made of steel as opposed to pre-fab steel in sheets and adjustable legs to change height easily. It also benefits from maximum stability, rigidity and strength. The clean surface of this drafting table is smooth and made of a matte white Melamine material. The edges of the table are a quality black vinyl. There is also a large tool drawer for easy to access storage of items like rulers, compasses and pencils. If more drawers are required, there is plenty of room and additional fittings for up to two more drawers. The table can be purchased online at a great price.


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