Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hanging Clamps 30" Pkg 6 for Plan Racks & Blueprint Racks By Alvin

Blueprint racks and plan racks by Alvin, Safco, Mayline, and PlanHold all require hanging clamps for the storage of blueprints, plans, and documents. The hanging clamps are available from 18” to 42” in size, and are interchangeable between all the brands of racks listed above.

These 30” extruded aluminum hanging clamps are ideal for storage of large format documents, and keep them organized and close at hand. The clamps have jaws that open wide for simple loading, and firmly clamp the document in place. Each clamp can accommodate up to 20lbs or 100 sheets, providing you with plenty of storage room!

The clamps feature solid steel wing nuts with built in stops that prevent them from falling off, and are professional grade for field and/or office use. They also include a plastic label holder so labeling and organizing your work is made simple!

They are packaged and sold six per box, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. If organization and storage is what you need then these hanging clamps are the way to go! Try them today to see the difference they can make!


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