Monday, August 4, 2014

Large Cutting Mat 4x8 Feet No Grid

At drafting steals we offer two different cutting mats, a large cutting mat and a self-healing cutting mat, as well as an array of different sized mats to best suit your needs. They are available up to 6 feet by 12 feet and 4 by 16 feet in length. Also available with or without an underlay alignment grid. The underlay alignment grids are printed in dark blue and are made out of polystyrene.

The large cutting mats are capable of covering an entire table or work bench, and have a unique self- sealing property that is perfect for cutting of any kind. From cutting fabric or quilting, to banners and signs, this product provides you a safe space to work. Made from durable polyethylene plastic (180 gauge OVER 5/32" thick) it protects table tops, as well as the sharpness of your blade. It also has a translucent non-glare surface that provides a functional place to work. We also offer to custom cut the mat to size for free if you desire.

This product is ideal for a multitude of different hobbies and professions. Great for crafts, sewing, quilting, as well as graphic art, sign production, presentation and model making, and designers of any kind! These mats provide an excellent space that allows for ease of work and productivity. 


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