Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mayline Rolling Blueprint Rack With Hangers

Blueprint racks and stands are the ultimate storage accessory for all your blueprint plan storage needs. Compact to take up minimal space, yet still able to accommodate 1200 to 1800 sheets per rack, depending on the model. They are available with or without hanging clamps, and clamps are able to hold up to 100 plans each! Some models of blueprint stands are mobile and perfect for simple transport on job sites. Other models are racks that are capable of being suspended directly to the wall, taking up even less space!

Mayline Rolling Blueprint Rack is the perfect choice for organizing and storing blueprints, maps, and other documents. The height is adjustable to 60", the depth to 43", and the width to 26 3/4". Also at 55lbs, it is compact enough for a small environment, yet can accommodate up to 1200 sheets of any size! This model includes 12 hangers that are capable of holding 12 hanging clamps (sold separately) of varying sizes. The clamps are conveniently interchangeable so you use them with other manufactures products as well! This rack also features casters, which allow for easy transport wherever you may need it. This product has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

So, if you need to keep your documents organized and close at hand then the Mayline Rolling Blueprint Rack is perfect for you! De-clutter and revamp your work environment with this useful product!


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