Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Portable Drafting Board & Straightedge

The 30x42 Alvin Deluxe Portable Drafting Board & Straightedge is one of the best drafting tables on the market. It is used by many draftsmen, architects, engineers and artists. This drafting table is completely portable, which makes it excellent for use at home and at work as well as on the road.

The Alvin Deluxe Portable Drafting Board & Straightedge is covered with Vyco board. This is the standard board material of choice for drafting boards today. Professionals and students alike appreciate Vyco’s smoothness and easy writing surface. The Vyco covers a strong and durable Melamine surface that allows for a drawing and writing surface that is 100% bump pliable. In addition, the inside of the board is made of a quality particle board substrate for added strength.

There is also a parallel straight edge that has an acrylic linking edge made of quality clear acrylic. The blade is phenolic, and it glides smoothly on bearings made of nylon. Users can cut with the blade over the entire surface of the board for large cuts. The smooth guide wires allow the blade to go parallel across the drafting board easily and without snags.

At the bottom of the drafting table are two metal legs that can be folded under or propped up at different angles for easy use of the table while seated or standing. Some draftsmen may prefer to use the table flat, and that is possible as well. There are tracks made of grippy rubber that let the front end of the board hang off of the edge of a table as much as eight inches. This lets draftsmen and artists keep their working surface closer to them, and gives a bigger working angle as well.

When users receive the table, there is no assembly required, making this a quick and efficient purchase. This drafting table and other quality tables and accessories like it can be found online or in some brick and mortar drafting supply stores. Those who are new to using drafting tables will find this unit quick to assemble, easy to use, reasonably priced and very long lasting.


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