Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reasons to Choose the Safco 5026 Blueprint Plan Rack

There are many different ways to store blueprints in an office. Some methods like using storage tubes or a flat file are not very efficient. A better option is to use a special rack that allows blueprints to be hung vertically in clamps. There are several reasons to choose the Safeco 5026 rack for blueprints.

Save Desktop Space

One of the first reasons to choose this style of plan rack is to save desktop space throughout the office. The Safco 5026 blueprint plan rack is a freestanding unit. The rack is fully self-contained and rests on the floor. This means that it is unnecessary to dedicate cabinet, drawer or desk space to blueprints. The rack can store over 1,000 blueprints vertically so that they take up the smallest amount of space possible.

Protect Blueprints

Blueprints can be damaged in any number of ways around an office. Drinks or drafting supplies can spill on the surface. They could become folded or torn when left in the open on drafting tables or desks. The blueprints might crease or tear when taken in and out of a storage tube several times every week. The rack provides protection because the blueprints and hanging vertically in a dedicated area. The rack can be stored in a location where there is no chance of damaging the blueprints.


One of the nice features of the Safco 5026 blueprint plan rack is that it is on a set of casters. The casters allow the rack to be easily moved from one location to the next. This will make it more convenient to shuffle hundreds of blueprints around an office. It can even be used to move blueprints around a building or to an outdoor location. The rack can be rolled into a closet when not in use to maximize floor space.

Access Blueprints Fast

A final reason to choose the rack is that it allows fast access to all blueprints. The rack can hold 12 different hanging clamps. The clamps slide easily from side to side. Anyone in the office can quickly sort through the clamps in order to find the blueprints that are needed. This can make the office more efficient.


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