Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Safco Standard Hanging Clamps

Safco standard hanging clamps are the ideal solution for storing architectural blueprints. A standard 30” clamp is ideal for storing and safeguarding 30X42 inch blueprints. Safco aluminum planhold clamps are sold by the carton. Each carton contains six hanging clamps.

Safco Standard Hanging Clamps

Regardless of the brand, Safco hanging clamps are compatible with any drawing rack or stand. These professional hanging clamps are constructed from extruded aluminum and feature cast alloy wing knobs plated with polished chrome. Safco hanging clamps utilize variable tension technology mounting clips to eliminate sticking and jamming when inserting valuable blueprints for safe storage. Safco wing knobs come with a ten year warranty, and the wing knobs are covered by an impressive lifetime guarantee.

Safco hanging clamps can hold as many as 100 sheets or up to 20 pounds of drawings. Labeling is made easy by Safco’s convenient plastic label holders. Although the portion of the clamp that actually holds the blueprints is 30 inches in length, the total length of the clamp is 31-3/4 inches. Just loosen the chrome wing knobs, insert the drawings and tighten the wing knobs. Most hanging stands can accommodate as many as 12 hanging clamps.

Hanging Clamps

Safco hanging clamps can be used to secure blueprints or any large document for that matter. An architectural design firm can greatly benefit from the efficiency and organization that a blueprint storage system can provide. Referencing every set of plans for easy access is the epitome of architectural professionalism. Other common names for hanging clamps include drawing sticks, plan sticks and plan clamps.

Plan clamps automatically adjust to the thickness of a set of drawings, but the length of a hanging clamp cannot be adjusted. Hanging clamps can be purchased in a variety of lengths, including 18, 24, 30, 36 and 42 inches. Typically, a 24” clamp is used to clamp a 24X36 inch set of drawings. Simply clamp the 24” end of the plans and allow the length of the drawings to hang down. A 36” clamp can also be used for the same plans, leaving a bit of clamp overhang on either side of the set of blueprints.


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