Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Scalex Planwheel SA2 for Blueprints, Maps, & Architectural Plans

At Drafting Steals we offer a large assortment of map measuring tools. Some of the products we carry are: computing planmeters, curve meters, scale masters, planimeters, double readout plan meters, and many more! Each tool is made to uniquely fit your varying needs, and to help you better and more easily                                                                                                 measure maps and plans!

The Scalex Planwheel is ideal for blueprints, plans, and maps, as well as a multitude of jobs and projects. From construction and electrical work to gardening and landscape work, this tool can quickly estimate the cost of a job, distances, and much more! It features 111 built in scales, the common scales imperial and metric, and measures in inches, feet, yards, miles, centimeters, meters, and kilometers. It also includes mapping scales, engineering scales, architectural scales, and metric scales. This tool also capability to program additional user defined scales for your convenience.

The Scalex Planwheel has the ability to calculate auto scale factors from enlarged, reduced, or odd scale drawings. It can also calculate cubic and square dimensions for regular volumes and areas, and features adder and counter buttons that lets you add fixed lengths or count items as you scale. This tool also has a clear and audible tone that indicates wheel movement, as well as an automatic shut off that helps provide a long battery life. Also features a plus and minus sign mode that permits you to reduce an over-rolled measurement.

Ditch the pen, paper, and calculator and make work and life simpler with this efficient, reliable, and versatile tool! 


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