Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Advantages of Using an Adjustable Fluorescent Drafting Lamp

The type of lighting a person is using can have a significant impact on the work performed while drafting a design or illustrating a picture. The wrong lighting can cast shadows over the work or could be so dim that it is hard to distinguish fine details. The solution is to use an adjustable drafting lamp with fluorescent bulbs. These lamps have several advantages.

Attach To Nearly Any Surface

One of the main benefits of a quality drafting lamp is that it can be attached to nearly any surface. This includes desks, shelves and angled drafting tables. The clamps can accommodate surfaces that are over 2 inches thick. This is different from some other types of tabletop lamps. Those types of lights can rest only on surfaces that are flat and that have space available. This is impractical for drafting or illustration. A drafting lamp is a necessity when performing professional work on angled tables and boards.

Get Light Where It Is Needed

The fluorescent drafting lamp has three separate joints that allow the light to be positioned wherever it is needed without a problem. The lamp can be folded and compressed when not in use so that it does not block natural light. The lamp can be positioned high over the work surface so that it never interferes with tools like parallel rules. The light can be positioned so that the head is very close to the work surface. This provides the type of bright illumination that is necessary when working on the very fine details of a design. The adjustable lamp can provide bright light in any situation.

Reduce Power Use

The overhead lights in an office or studio must usually all be turned on at the same time. There is no way to turn on just one light over the head of a single person working on a design. This wastes power and increases the cost of overhead. A fluorescent drafting lamp provides light to just the person who needs it. There is no reason to have all the lights in an office on just so that one person can work. Individual drafting lamps will reduce energy use over using multiple overhead lights throughout a space.


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