Friday, September 5, 2014

5 examples of sustainable architecture

I did some research and found 5 buildings that were designed to be eco-friendly!

5. Cherokee Studios- Located in Los Angeles, California
This eco-friendly design draws on the wonderful California sun, using day light helps reduce the need for electric lights, and also uses passive cooling!

4. Kiowa County Schools- Located in Greensburg, Kansas
This school was designed with the environment in mind! The K-12 school has natural ventilation and uses day lighting! There is also a wind turbine that provides a large portion of the energy, along with a wind farm that is located nearby!

3. LOTT Clean Water Alliance- Located in Olympia, Washington
The methane produced from this water treatment plant is used in a cogeneration plant to provide heat and electricity! The heat is then used in this building which removes the need of a boiler. It also uses day lighting to minimize other lighting and solar energy for heat!

2. Research Support Facility in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory- Located in Golden, Colorado
This building features natural ventilation, day lighting, and an open office plan that minimizes the building footprint per person. They also study and research new ways for renewable energy!

1. OS House- Located in Racine, Wisconsin
Near Lake Michigan, this LEED house uses the breeze provided from the lake, along with solar energy for it's outdoor rooms. This helps provide excellent cross ventilation. It also features an on-demand hot water pump that aids in minimizing water consumption.


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