Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just a few tips for prismacolor colored pencils!

1. First, and most importantly make sure all your pencils are sharpened well, to a nice point.
If you like, it can help by putting your colored pencils in order from lightest to darkest so you don't have to search for the right color once you start.

2. Focus your attention on one area at a time. This well help to not become overwhelmed with your project. Start with a light shading, not pressing to hard with the pencil. When building layers is what you want, this step is key!

3. To shade, use colors of the same "family", or color group. Continue to just build layers of these similar colors on top of one another until you reach the desired shading effect. It is also very important when you are building layers of similar colors to shade in the same direction each time.

4. To incorporate new colors with layering just begin adding the different colors that you desire, except instead of shading in the same direction, you should use a cross hatch pattern, in the opposite direction, to add the new colors.

5. Add black and white layers and shading as desired.

6. When you have completed the amount of layers desired, use the prismacolor pencil with no pigment added, the colorless blender. Make small strokes as you work. You could also use a q-tip or other things for this process.

7. If something turns out wrong just use the eraser carefully, add other layers of color on top, then continue to re-layer as desired.


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