Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prismacolor: The Best-Selling Quality Colored Pencils

Prismacolor is the best-selling brand of colored pencils for the discriminating artist who seeks quality, color range and performance. Offered in three different varieties, Prismacolor Colored Pencils give professionals and students alike the tools to realize their creative visions.

The Premier line of colored pencils is Prismacolor’s professional grade. These pencils have a high-quality pigment in a soft, thick lead, which allows for multiple effects from the same pencil. Heavily covered swaths of saturated color can be combined with lighter, more subtly shaded areas, and blending between the two is effortless.

For the illustrator looking for more precision, Prismacolor offers their Verithin pencil. In contrast to the soft, thick lead of the Premier line, the Verithin has a hard, thin lead. This allows the pencils to be sharpened to a fine point, which gives a clean, honed edge to their marks. For lettering with sharp borders, designs with stark outlines, and objects with crisp boundaries, a pencil with a hard lead is essential.

Prismacolor’s Scholar line of colored pencils is offered at a lower price for the student of art or design. These pencils are also an excellent choice for the professional who wants to test ideas or make sketches before choosing a Premier pencil for the final work. The Scholar pencils are affordable while maintaining quality. The lead has a very smooth texture, giving excellent coverage, while also being strong enough to produce firm lines.

All lines of Prismacolor Colored Pencils are available in a stunning color palette. A full set of Premier pencils contains 150 colors, the full Verithin set has 36, and the Scholar set has 60. The Premier and Verithin pencils can be purchased in sets or individually, while the Scholar line is available in sets of various sizes from 12 to 60 colors.

The student discovering the possibilities of colored pencils for the first time and the experienced artist exploring the boundaries of a familiar medium need only look to Prismacolor for the quality and performance they seek.


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