Monday, September 8, 2014

The Advantages Of Choose the Alvin Roll File Tubular Unit for Storage

Finding the right type of storage for large documents, plans or blueprints is not always easy. Some designs are too limiting or too complex. A roll file from Alvin is a simple and effective storage solution. The wireframe cart is very flexible. The Alvin Roll File Storage Unit has a number of advantages.

Fast Storage and Retrieval

One of the main advantages of the roll file is that it allows for fast storage and retrieval of any document or tube. The design uses three layers of grids. There are 20 individual slots running vertically through the cart. Adding a new tube or document to the roll file involves just lining it up with the openings and letting it drop down. Retrieval is even easier. There is no need to sort through stacks of blueprints or plans. The 20 tubes or documents can all be seen at one time without having to open drawers or rearrange things. This means anyone in a studio or office will be able to access the stored rolls as quickly as possible.

Accommodate a Large Range Of Sizes

Some storage options today for blueprints or documents have strict limits about what size can be put in the unit. This is not true for the roll file. The Alvin Roll File Tubular Storage Unit can accommodate a large range of sizes. The individual slots are several inches across. They can hold single documents rolled tightly. They can hold a group of blueprints rolled together loosely. The different layers make it possible to store short documents along with tall ones. The roll file is very versatile when it comes to the sizes of the documents that it can hold.

Take It Anywhere

The roll file is mounted on four casters. The casters mean that the cart can be taken anywhere. The mobility of the unit is enhanced by the compact design and small footprint. This makes the roll file appropriate for any size office since it can be moved around as needed. The casters on the bottom also lock in place so that the cart can sit in a single stable place while it is in use.


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