Thursday, September 25, 2014

What to Look For When Buying a Student Portfolio

A portfolio is a necessity for carrying artwork, drafting supplies and plans. Many different styles of portfolios are available today. It is important to look for a few different things when buying a student portfolio.

Size and Portability

The first thing to look for is size and portability. Portfolios that are too large can be difficult to carry and transport. They could also allow paintings and other items to be damaged as they move around inside the portfolio. Choose a portfolio that is a manageable size but large enough to carry the papers, boards and canvases that are used on a daily basis. Another thing to look for is a comfortable handle so that carrying the portfolio does not become a painful chore.


Be certain to consider strength and durability when buying a student portfolio. It is best to choose a portfolio that is made from a heavy material like nylon. Avoid portfolios made from paper or lightweight plastics since these will tear or break easily. Look at the way the handle is attached. A portfolio with a double stitched handled and seams will last for a very long time. A final thing to consider is getting a portfolio made from a water resistant material for added protection against the weather or accidents in a studio.


Look at the overall capacity of the portfolio. It is a good idea to choose a portfolio that is made from a woven and flexible material. These types of portfolios can expand naturally to accommodate a larger amount of artwork or supplies. Try to avoid rigid portfolios. Rigid portfolios tend to hold a very small amount because the exterior is not flexible.

Easy To Store

One final thing to look for is ease of storage. There will be times when the portfolio is empty and needs to be stored in a convenient location. A flexible nylon portfolio is the right choice because it can fold down into a compact shape that can be placed into a backpack or a drawer in a studio. It is easier to keep a portfolio in good condition when it can be stored in a convenient way.


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