Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Which Drafting Table is Right For Me?

Which Drafting Table is Right for Me?
The answer to the question which drafting table is right for me is one that suits drafting needs best. Engineers rely on drafting tables for various types of design work. Drafting tables are also used in engineering meetings to discuss design specifications. Drafting tables can be sized for an individual or for multiple users. This depends on the size of the design.

Drafting Table Features
Today's drafting tables are built for convenience and functionality. If ease of mobility is important, the drafting table that can fold and be transported easily is the one to choose. The surfaces of drafting tables vary. These surfaces range from wood, to metal and glass. Engineering designers prefer metal surfaces due to daily use. Glass and wood drafting tables may be preferred by crafters, artists and fashion designers. Drafting tables are available with flat or tilting tops and strong, well balanced legs. Table surface size is also important. For example, engineering designers prefer a large table surface so they can spread out blueprints. These are known as "professional drafting tables." Artists and fashion designers may prefer a smaller work surface suitable for sketching and standard sheets of art paper. Schools generally choose a student size for drafting tables for art or workshop classes. For special needs, there are also wheelchair accessible drafting tables. Light table drawing boards are used mainly by graphic artists who plot large designs for use in advertising and promotions.

Drafting Table Extras
In addition to a sturdy table frame, work surface and legs, drafting tables are available with a wide range of features like drawers, attached file cabinets, lights and slide rules, as well as T-squares, drawing tubes and adjustable features to raise or lower the table surface to a convenient height. Detachable organizers and rolling drawing storage bins are also available. The proper drafting chair is ergonomically designed to reduce back and muscle strain. There are a wide variety from which to choose like leather, mesh and vinyl for minimal maintenance. Drafting tables have many uses among students and professionals in businesses and schools.


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