Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why a Safco 5060 Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack Is Such an Effective Storage Solution

A vertical blueprint rack is one of the most efficient and effective storage options available. The rack combines convenience with a small footprint to make the most of any space. A Safco 5060 Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack is a good storage solution for several reasons.

Keep Blueprints Flat

Storing blueprints rolled up in tubes has a number of disadvantages. The blueprints will eventually start to warp. They will take on a permanent curl that can make consulting with clients, checking measurements or even making modifications more difficult. Rolling blueprints up and unraveling them later can eventually lead to rips, folds and tears. A vertical blueprint rack can keep blueprints flat and functional. The blueprints are held in standard clips at the top. They are allowed to hang down so that the paper is not damaged, curled or folded. Flat blueprints can make things much easier in any office or studio.

Large Amounts of Storage in a Compact Space

A vertical blueprint rack provides a large amount of storage in a compact space. Some storage options have extra components, mechanical parts or decorative elements that add to the overall size of the unit. These extras can increase the footprint of the unit. A blueprint rack is as compact as possible. The rack can hold up to 18 standard clamps. The clamps sit directly next to each other so that no space is wasted. Each clamp can contain around 100 blueprints. This means nearly 1,800 blueprints can be contained on a rack that is only a few feet wide and deep. The vertical storage rack will allow any office to store many more blueprints without having to create new open spaces.

Move Many Blueprints At Once

The Safco 5060 Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack is different from other options because it is mobile. The rack has locking casters on the bottom that roll easily. Any one person in the office has the ability to quickly move as many as 1,800 blueprints any distance that is necessary. The rack can be taken on elevators or rolled between narrow doorways leading into offices. This will make moving any number of blueprints more convenient.


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