Thursday, October 30, 2014

Drafting Degrees and Employment Opportunities

A degree in drafting places candidates one step closer to playing a pivotal role at an architecture firm or creative agency. Expertise in drafting and design is invaluable for a gamut of fields.

Drafting in the Real World

Whether we're talking about creating a prototype for an electronic device or a digital blueprint for an upcoming video game, a drafting degree provides the bedrock for a fulfilling career as an architect or creative designer.

A draft typically outlines a blueprint for how to use or assemble an electrical device or digital product. The fields of drafting and design have evolved closer together in recent years as many drafts can be brought to fruition through technology like computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software.

Many degrees in computer-aided design (CAD) are available both online and in person. Technical teams today need a workable design to move forward with a product proposal and design logistics.

Employment Opportunities

Higher degrees in design open up a bevy of employment opportunities. Sketches for commercial construction, patenting, electrical design, and the burgeoning field of green design all draw on skills that an experienced design student holds within his mind.

A higher degree in drafting also allows candidates to work as a CAD technician or cost estimator. Of course, doorways also open in fields like architectural design and residential design; both of these fields require a working blueprint for construction and renovations before either can get underway.

Molds, metal stamping and the creation of a range of everyday consumer products requires a working draft prior to implementation. Computer-aided drafting is an especially powerful skill to have today as so many large firms need mechanical designs and mold layouts before starting projects.

Drafting: Far-reaching Possibilities

Computer-aided models as well as drafting and planning are needed for building construction and the creation of many of the electronics and consumer devices used everyday.

Since the demand for new electronics is always shifting to suit popular tastes, the job opportunities for drafters are great.

Overall, a drafting degree is enormously wide-reaching in terms of its applicability towards a wide range of real-world drafting and design careers.


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