Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hidden doors!

Everyone wants a hidden door or passageway in their home, and I sure bet architects would have fun creating them! Check out some of these awesome ones below!

Hidden Wine Cellar

Created by the Spiral Cellars design/build firm. The cellar is insulated on the top and sides to keep the wine at the perfect temperature!

Hidden Playroom in Wardrobe

This wardrobe has a Narnia feel with a hidden entrance opening up into a playroom. We all remember this classic book fondly, but this home owner took it to the next level with this recreation! 

Hidden Home Theater 

This clever ticket booth was created by Creative Building Resources. However it's not just a ticket booth as you can see, it opens up into a home theater! 

Hidden Vault

This handy drawer is more than just a drawer, it's a vault! Created by Creative Home Engineering, it's a perfect way to keep your valuables safe. 


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