Saturday, October 4, 2014

How Do I Store Blueprints?

Any self-respecting manager wants to keep their work space easy to navigate and organized, especially when they need to keep track of drawings and prints. One may ask himself, “How Do I Store Blueprints?” expecting some amount of complication, but the answer to effective blueprint storage is fortunately easy and inexpensive. Roll file storage is a particularly convenient method for keeping large papers of all kinds, as rolled documents are small and easy to protect and store. There are also a few different ways to manage rolled blueprints individually, and in bulk.

The Individual Blueprint

Storage tubes for large papers are the same method with which artists protect and carry their precious prints, and various types can be bought cheaply at no cost to quality. These sturdy tubes will guard against weather and accidents, are easily carried and stored, come in round or square shapes, and there even exist expandable models. On the go, the safest and most convenient way to carry prints is in a tube.

The Mountain of Blueprints

With each print neatly rolled up to take up less space, how to store a combined collection of prints is a matter of preference. Traditional filing cabinets can be purchased with slots for rolled documents already installed that are then easy to lock up and secure. If an environment requires easier access, standing racks and mobile carts made for rolled files add flexibility to the work environment. These can also be purchased in variable heights and sizes to better suit individual needs.

Label and Color Coordinate

Having everything needed without being able to find it is the plight of those who do not label. While one obviously does not want to stick anything onto their prints, clipper tags avoid that dilemma entirely and make a collection of prints much easier to navigate. Storage isn’t just about having everything in one place, but ease of access.


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