Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How Do I Use Prismacolor Markers

What Are Prismacolor Markers?

Prismacolor markers are high-quality, professional markers that come in a wide array of brilliant colors. They can be used to create an exciting variety of textures, shading, blending and shadowing. These artist-grade markers are double-ended with uniquely shaped tips to allow the artist to create various line widths and fine details. Prismacolor markers provide rich color and silky coverage.

What Are Prismacolor Markers Used For?

These markers are great for both art and technical work. They can be used for creating cartoons, illustrations, sketching, graphic design, drafting and other technical drawing.

How Do I Use Prismacolor Markers?

Prismacolor markers are extremely versatile and dynamic. There are hundreds of ways artists can use them to create beautiful designs.

Basic Techniques

Use on various types of paper, wood and metal surfaces
Create broad, medium and fine lines using the wide tip
Create fine and medium lines using the fine tip

Using the colorless blender marker

Clean up edges of artwork and designs
Acts as eraser on tracing paper

Create two-color stripes:
Select the colors needed for the stripes
Load colorless blender marker with one color on the right side and a different color on the left side

Blend colors:
Use a plastic palette to put down colors from assorted markers
Use the colorless blender marker to pick up various colors to blend and create customized colors

*Tip: Clean the colorless blender marker by rubbing on clean piece of scrap paper

More tips and techniques

Create more fluid color by placing acetate directly under the art paper
Create a drier color effect (make the marker less wet) by placing plain paper directly under the art work.
Achieve realistic detail by using the Prismacolor markers over gel pen, colored pencils or calligraphy art
Use the 10%, 30% and 50% grey to create detailed sketches

Prismacolor markers create a wide spectrum of colors, textures and details. They can be used alone or with other artist-quality color pens and pencils. Artists in various industries can utilize Prismacolor markers to create vivid drawings, precise sketches, dramatic illustrations and detailed designs.


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