Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Measuring Tools for Drafting That Everyone Should Own

Drafting and architectural construction are all about attention to detail and precision. This is why it is important to have a variety of measuring tools around. Accurate measurements can make a large difference especially when plans are being developed for later construction. There are a few measuring tools for drafting that everyone within the industry should own.

Straight Edges

Straight edges are one of the most fundamental measuring tools available. Every person performing drafting should have a variety of straight edges available in different lengths. It is also important to have L-squares in order to create or measure angles quickly without having to combine straight edges. Straight edges are useful for more than just measuring. They can be used to guide technical pens. They are also very useful for making straight cuts when trimming paper or art board.


One of the most precise measuring tools for drafting is a caliper. A caliper allows you to position two points on a plan or drawing. The distance between those points can be read accurately on the caliper. Calipers are incredibly helpful for measuring small distances in the most precise way possible. They can make it very easy to ensure that the distances between lines on a plan are all consistent and match the original design. Calipers are not just for drafting. They can also be used to measure materials when making an architectural model. A quality caliper is a tool that every person performing drafting should own.

Measuring Wheels

A final very useful tool is a measuring wheel. Measuring wheels are used to measure distances across a page. The device has a small wheel on the bottom and a dial in the center. The wheel is moved across a plan or drawing. The dial in the center records how many inches were traversed. Some measuring wheels can translate the distance to different scales. A measuring wheel makes it very easy to get accurate distances from non-linear parts of a plan. The wheel can be moved in any direction to measure the distance around circular or curving areas. This is difficult to do with any other type of measuring tool.


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