Monday, October 13, 2014

"What can I do with an engineering degree?"

People often have a hard time choosing majors once they decide to enroll in college. It can be an extremely overwhelming and confusing task, so visit the website for some great information on any degree or program, scholarships, schools, and much more! It can help make the daunting task a little less difficult to deal with, and clear up some questions. Below, I have outlined some information from their website about what you can do with an engineering degree.

If you do well in science and math, and are passionate about them, then engineering might be the right path for you! Engineering covers a wide range of jobs, and is always in high demand. A lot of companies now are focused on environmentalism and creating greener buildings and alternative energy sources.

If you're interested in engineering but don't know exactly what you'd like to focus in that's fine! The first couple years of school you can take all the basic classes first while deciding what you would really like pursue. There are also many organizations and internships during college that you can take part in to see what type of engineering interests you most. Taking advantage of these opportunities will not only help you gain knowledge and skills, but can also help you decide what you want to focus on.

Other types of engineering are transportation and health care, aerospace, petroleum, biomedical, chemical, computer, mechanical, and more!

Visit the website for some more detailed information, links to articles, scholarships, schools, personal testaments, and much more!

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