Friday, October 10, 2014

What is Safco Furniture?

For those employed in engineering and other careers where drafting is part of the job, having the right office furniture can make all the difference in the performance of one's daily duties. Once a drawing is completed, it needs to be stored in a place where it will not only be easily accessible, but also safe from potential damage. This is where Safco furniture comes into play and can be a great addition to any office. Offering many different styles of storage furniture specifically designed for drawings and blueprints, Safco furniture is used in many types of offices where blueprints, maps and other drawings are a standard part of the job.

Depending upon the needs of an office, Safco offers a variety of file cabinets for archival storage as well as day-to-day access. Flat file cabinets are made to safely and easily preserve artwork, drawings, maps and other documents pertaining to various projects. Vertical files are also available for hanging blueprints, making them easy to access and view while keeping them in good condition. For drawings that need to be stored in tubes or are simply rolled up, upright roll files can be used. Available as stationary or mobile units, these files can make it very convenient to locate drawings anywhere at anytime.

In addition to file storage, Safco also has a variety of office chairs to meet the needs of today's modern office. Some of the most popular are drafting chairs that are designed to keep a person comfortable while also maintaining the necessary height and tilt control needed when making precision drawings. A popular option for many offices is the Big and Tall office chair, specifically designed for those people who need or desire an oversized chair. Offering a 500-pound weight capacity and an oversized base, it is made to maintain its shape and comfort throughout the workday.

Whether it is file storage or chairs, Safco has been an industry leader for well over 40 years when it comes to designing and manufacturing drafting furniture. No matter the needs of today's modern office, Safco has the right product.


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