Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why Should Drafters Have a Vyco Drafting Table Cover?

Drafting, or preparing engineering or building plans, requires you to use precise measurements, detailed techniques and straight lines and edges. To achieve perfect results from your efforts as a drafter, you may utilize drafting tools such as compasses, French curves, splines, T-squares, tacks and other tools. These tools combined with your own efforts using fine-tipped writing and drafting utensils can cause damage to a desk or table top. You may already have a damaged desk or table top that you wish to cover with a functional material, or your goal may be to protect the surface of a desk or table top that is currently in great condition. The ideal solution is the Vyco drafting table cover.

This is a unique material that is specially designed for drafting purposes, and it is designed to be protective, functional and easy to use and to install. It is made out of a durable material that has a Borco vinyl covering on top of it. This provides you with a smooth surface that is ideal for both drawing and writing. The cover can be used with Vyco rolls and sheets, and you will have the option to select from sheets that are designed for various purposes. For example, one option is a no-glare material. Another is translucent, and the final option is suitable for use with wood furnishings or glass table tops.

The Vyco drafting table cover is designed to work with all surfaces, and it can be measured and cut to size based on your specifications and needs. It is a self-sealing material that binds to surfaces without causing damage. In addition, it can easily be cleaned and maintained with a damp sponge.

If your goal is to preserve and protect existing furnishings in good condition or to give damaged furnishings new life with an enhanced covering, this material is ideal for drafters. It is designed to withstand damage that is commonly inflicted by all types of drafting tools and instruments, and it is suitable for use with all types of furnishings. Regardless of the condition or size of your current furnishings, this is a table cover that all drafters need.


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