Saturday, November 22, 2014

How to Choose a Portfolio Case for Artwork

No matter how beautiful artwork is, it has to be carried in the right case. Using the wrong case not only can ruin the effect of pulling out beautiful artwork, but the wrong case could also actually damage the artwork inside of it. Therefore it is crucial that artists take care to select the perfect portfolio to carry their artwork in. Here is a guide for artists to pick the right portfolio case for artwork to meet their needs.


The first thing that artists must consider is the size of the artwork that they will be carrying inside of their portfolios. The portfolio must be large enough so that it does not cause any creases along the border of the artwork. If an artist is going to be carrying many different sizes of works, then she needs to get a portfolio with multiple pockets that can accommodate various sizes.


It is a good idea to get a portfolio that comes with a handle. This is especially true if it is a larger portfolio. A handle will make larger portfolios much less cumbersome to carry. When selecting a portfolio with a handle, be sure to inspect the handle carefully to make sure that it looks durable and well-constructed.


The way the portfolio case for artwork looks can also be an important consideration. If it is a case for a professional artist, then a beautiful leather exterior is a nice touch. Art students and those who are amateur artists may be able to make do with a case that doesn’t look like it cost a fortune.

Presentation Cases

For those who are looking to show off the artwork in their portfolios, a presentation case is preferable. A presentation case holds artwork just like a normal portfolio, but the artwork inside of it is contained inside of laminated plastic sheets. These sheets are contained on binder rings that allow people to flip through the artwork inside the portfolio to inspect it. A portfolio that has this presentation aspect is useful for artists of all stripes, but it is especially useful for artists who are job hunting.


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