Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Benefits of SMI Drafting Tables

Drafting requires not only having the knowledge to create very precise drawings, but also the proper equipment. Along with drawing instruments, a drafter needs a quality drafting table that makes creating drawings easy and convenient while also making sure it's built well enough to withstand many years of use. When offices and schools look to purchase drafting tables, they often turn to SMI.

Considered to be some of the best drafting tables for schools, SMI drafting tables have proven to be very popular with students taking drafting classes in high school or college. Extremely sturdy tables, they come with many storage areas. For example, all SMI tables come with a smooth dust cover, giving them additional storage. The locking tool drawer works well for storing supplies, making it easy for students to store their supplies while ensuring they will be locked up in a safe place.

Made of solid oak, these tables are made to withstand the daily wear and tear of multiple students in the classroom. With four coats of lacquer finish, they not only look good but are also very functional. They come with adjustable top rods, which make it easy for students to position the board for correct angle adjustments on their drawings.

One advantage of purchasing these tables is the quick shipping. All tables are drop-shipped directly to customers, allowing them to arrive within 4-6 weeks. They also come in many different sizes, with the smallest being 24"x36" and the largest 36"x60". Prices ranges from just over $300 for smaller tables to less than $550 for the largest ones, making them very affordable for both public schools as well as colleges looking to upgrade their classroom furnishings.

Offering customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, SMI drafting tables have been the choice of schools everywhere for decades. Very simplistic in their design, they nevertheless have been able to stand the test of time and have proven to be the most popular drafting tables used in high school and college drafting classes. When teachers want the best tables for their students, SMI is their first choice.


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