Thursday, November 13, 2014

Useful Gifts for Architects

The Christmas season is soon upon us, and it is fun and interesting to think a little out of the box about how to meet the special needs that our family members and colleagues present. If you work with, are friends with, or are acquainted with a special architect, it is fanciful to think about myriad ways to make an impression by buying customized Gifts for Architects, while exercising your own creativity and sense of taste, decorum, expression, or flair.

While it is nearly impossible to generalize about groups of people in any way, it is fun to imagine the perfect gift wish list for the architect, to inspire family members and others close to the person to be unusual and memorable this season. Theme calendars are always fun, and Legos makes a 3-D Calendar with 12 designs, one for each month. Also, the company is making Advent Calendars that are 3-D, a sure hit with children this year. Legos also makes a great gift package for architects, called gifts for grown ups.

Other engaging ideas can be found by thinking thematically. Subscriptions to websites, services, and magazines for architects are always a hit: View some online or start with Architectural Digest at Something that is gaining popularity and is an interesting idea is a kit for making your own watch, an activity that is sure to inspire as well as be instructive, fun, and satisfying.

If you're looking to purchase a tool, a plotter pen is a useful tool that any architect would love but it is affordable enough for gift giving. These pens have a continuous flow of ink with the same width for perfection in their designs.

No matter which approach you choose, it may be fun to pay adage to an old stereotype that is somewhat true at times: Architects drink a lot of coffee. A coffee to match, with a name like Colectivo, is a quirky idea, sure to raise some kind of reaction.


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