Friday, November 21, 2014

What are Architectural Flat Files?

Preserve Important Documents

Architectural flat files are necessary for preserving important documents in a safe and climate controlled environment. Built to hold large sizes of paper, the files are made to store maps, blueprints and artwork without folding the objects. These files are made by well-known manufacturers with knowledge of designing and building devices that are functional and durable. There are several types of businesses that require filing systems to hold large documents. Architectural firms or schools have metal file drawers to store older or newer blueprints that require fast access. Files typically have multiple drawers to hold many documents in an organized way to avoid time-consuming searches.

Choose Different Designs

Sturdy metal such as stainless steel in colors such as gray or black are commonly used to make architectural flat files. Businesses can also find bright colors to match particular decors or request customization. Most files have numerous drawers to hold many large sheets of paper with an option of stacking more units on top. The drawers are designed to open enough to remove and replace the documents without causing any damage. One of the most popular places for large drawer file systems is a library located at a university where archival papers are kept for academic research. Of course, public libraries need these file drawers to store large maps, photographs or genealogical documents.

Locking Security Devices

Anyone wanting a flat file can find online specialty retailers that sell supplies needed by schools or businesses. It is important to remember that buying these types of files is an important investment that will likely last a lifetime with the right treatment. Great companies that make quality office storage furniture are Safco and Mayline. While buying filing systems for libraries or architectural firms may seem simple, for the individuals selecting the devices, the devices are vital. Most of these file systems are also equipped with labeling windows on the front of the drawers to keep track of documents. Because many businesses are concerned about theft or vandalism, the drawers of the files are made with lock and key devices for security.


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