Friday, November 14, 2014

What is a Basic Drafting Instrument Kit

Draftsmen are people who draw and outline plans for buildings and structures. People who become draftsmen need to go to school for several years to learn their trade, and when they graduate, they are required to purchase a set of instruments. Drafting instruments are used to create and prepare drawings that draftsmen use. The quality of their instruments makes a big difference in how accurate their artistic and utilitarian creations are.

Most draftsmen need drawing pencils, drawing paper, drawing boards, T-squares, rulers and a drawing instrument box to keep everything in. Draftsmen who specialize in certain fields need other particular tools.

Drawing pencils are made of the finest graphite, and they come with fine erasers that are made to completely erase any trace of graphite left on the paper. Most of the time, draftsmen use mechanical graphite pencils, but this is not always the case. If the drafting pencils being used are not mechanical, than a pencil sharpener is also necessary.

Drawing paper for draftsmen needs to be made of the best quality material. There are different types of drawing paper. There is thin paper that is used more in blueprints and other prints, and there is thicker paper that may be used in smaller drawings.

T-squares rulers and drafting templates are also very important. T-squares help draftsmen to create perfect right angles. Rulers help draftsmen create absolutely uniform and straight lines. The drafting templates are used to create small circles, ovals, rectangles and other key shapes that are uniform. That way, if more than one draftsman works on the same project, all of the shapes and lines have the same look. The drawing instrument box is also important because inside, there is a place for each and every instrument and utensil. The drawing instrument box keeps the draftsman’s equipment safe and secure while it is being transported or stored.

Each of the products in a draftsman’s basic drafting instrument kit needs to be made of quality materials so that it can be used to create the most accurate drawings and renderings of the building or structure that is to be constructed.


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