Friday, December 5, 2014

3 Affordable Gifts for a Drafting Professional

For those who have a drafting professional in their life, gifts for birthdays or the holiday season are easy to find. There are many different gifts for professional drafters that can be found in drafting supply stores or online. Here are the top 3 affordable gifts for a drafting professional that you should look for.

1. Drafting boards
Drafting boards are large, smooth boards that are usually made out of durable acrylic or wood. They can be fancy with desk lights and storage attached, or they can be simple with just a pen and pencil rest at the bottom of the board or on the side. If the drafter already has a built-in drafting board at home or at the office, a portable drafting board is very affordable and makes a great gift.

2. Drafting kits
Drafters need tons of tools and accessories. These need to be quality-made items that will last multiple years, so they are often expensive to buy all at once for the drafter alone. Friends and family can help the drafter out by purchasing small kits that contain some of the items that drafters need. These items might include protractors, compasses, special drafting pens and pencils, erasers, drafting paper, stencils, rulers and more.

3. Comfortable drafting chairs
Drafters can stand while they work, but because they do a lot of their work at a table, they most often sit down. This means that having a comfortable, long-lasting drafting chair is very important. Find one that can be shipped for an affordable price, and it can be assembled once it arrives. These make great gifts for drafters.

Gifts for drafting professional are easy to come by. Go online to do all of your shopping at They have the best prices and discounts on amazing drafting supplies. Find the best drafting pencils, pens, protractors, compasses and more. There are larger items like drafting tables, drafting boards, rulers, slides and drafting table chairs available as well. These are the items that the drafter in your life needs, so shop for them fast before the holiday season is over!


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