Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Create Perfection with an Equal Space Divider

Perfect Form and Design Created with an Equal Space Divider
Designers know the importance of perfection in form and modeling. Though there are many ways to achieve perfection in design, when hands on design requires precision and accuracy, an equal space divider is far more convenient than attempting an AutoCAD calculation.

For example, design and architectural engineers who travel to onsite projects with their hard copy blueprints need to calculate to perfection the distance between space and content.

A Space Divider to Assist in Design Perfection
Allowing for 10 point spacing, a divider thereby assists designers who can quickly view in real time without computer aided devices. In terms of modeling, a space divider manages the full form by creating perfectly accurate scales for architectural and structural designs.

One example of this is a dimensional model of a multi-level building. Using a space divider allows designers to adapt actual vs. projected versions of space between levels externally. Internally, a scale model of floor to ceiling space is more realistically calculated with a 10 point space divider that determines distances. In terms of mechanical structures, a space divider functions as a point to point reference of lengths of joints and piping. On a blue print or schematic, the space divider shows space between inlets and outlets as well as ingress or egress within a system.

Space Dividers, Many Functions and Uses
In the highly technical nautical fields, a space divider provides certainty of distances whenever a change has to be made in navigation. These implements are also excellent for many technical meetings where it's necessary to "show" equal space in graphs that outline specific areas of interest. Engineers prefer the use of a space divider when interactive discussions of design plots become necessary to make alterations to original designs. The plot is placed on a drawing board and the space divider equalizes each specification point for more clarity.


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