Saturday, December 6, 2014

How Does a Self-Healing Cutting Mat Work?

Drafters, artists, architects, city planners and technical drawers need self-healing cutting mats to do their work. For many people, these cutting mats that self-heal are a mystery. To be sure it’s a rather odd phenomenon, but it will be explained below.

First of all, these mats are not made out of a life form or anything of that sort. They are simply made of a special composite vinyl that has self healing properties. When you shop for these mats at the best stores, each mat will be 3mm thick and will consist of 2 soft vinyl layers that sandwich another hard 1.5mm layer of laminate in the middle.

These amazing cutting mats can be used on both sides. They are great for drafters, but other people that do not draft like them as well. Each cutting mat has an extensive grid system on it. There are even diagonal guidelines. Quilters, knitters, sewers, artists, architects and other individuals use these mats with their rolling cutters. Rolling cutters look like pizza cutters, but they are meant to cut cloth, paper and other materials that may be extra thick. When these cutters are used on self healing mats, the cuts they make into the mat go away. It may seem like magic to a lot of people, but it is simply great engineering and science.

Cutting mats that self heal make great gifts, or if you are an artist or drafter yourself, these are a must-have for any home office. They are sold in two different colors. There is the translucent color for use with crafts, photography, quilting and sewing, or there is the black and green color combination.

For those who are in the market for self-healing cutting mats, these items are available in brick and mortar drafting supply stores or online. Many people like to buy these particular items online because they can find the best variety of items on the web, and the best discounts and deals can also be found there. Go online to get the drafting mats you need today, and give them to the drafters in your life as holiday gifts!


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You never explained HOW it heals.


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