Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Top 3 Favorite Art Supplies

When putting together a fun art project, it is crucial that the proper supplies are being employed. That is because these supplies have the power to truly inspire both artists and students. Whether it is an item from ChartPak or Alvin, art supplies that are high quality should always be selected.Whether you are looking to take part in drawing, painting, or graphic parties, check out our three favorite art supplies below:

1. Clear Storage Case with Carrying Handle
Obviously any art student does not want to lose their supplies. The best way to prevent this from happening is by purchasing a clear storage case with carrying handle. It can fit everything from paint brushes to card stock. Not only will this item hold all of your supplies, but it's also portable. That means with this product you can carry your art supplies all around in a way that is convenient for you.

2. Premier Soft Prismacolor Pencil Sets
A premier soft prismacolor pencil set is another one of our favorite art supplies. That is because this item is ideal for all types of people. Whether an architect, landscape designer or professional artists owns this product, blending becomes much easier. That's not all, though. Premier soft prismacolor pencil sets also create beautiful saturated colors which really enhance whatever project is being put together. With these pencils, artists can truly create paintings and other art pieces that will impress all those who see it.

3. Light Tables Porta-Trace

Light tables porta-trace is one item that an artist won't want to miss out. This is one of our top art supplies because it allows individuals to work and create masterpieces at any time of the day. There are typically two different kinds of light tables. One is better suited for photos while the other deals specifically with tracing. Either way this product helps artists go through each and every one of their photos and art pieces. Since there is the light illuminating from this item, artists can truly see every fine detail in what they are working on.


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