Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Many Uses For A Roll Of Vellum

High-quality drafting paper made from vellum provides architects and design engineers with the best pre-blueprint material available. Clear vellum is highly resistant to humidity, rolls easily while at the same time maintaining its flat structure, and can be imprinted with hard drafting pencil lead without smudging.

A roll of vellum paper made from a specialized cotton fiber has long-lasting integrity value and can be stored for years without wrinkling or fading. It is the material of choice for those who need a drafting paper that can be photocopied. Most vellum rolls come in lengths of up to 50 yards and in widths ranging from 24 inches to six feet.

Many Uses Of Vellum Paper
Vellum can be used as an architectural print material because graphite, lead, and charcoal adhere with virtually no smudging or particle dust loss. This means that design architects can apply various highlighting features such as colored pencil and even paint. Artists often use vellum paper to create a rough draft of their envisioned project because the drawing can be rolled up without damage to any of the products used for the printing.

Acrylic painting is a snap when vellum paper is used. Pastels and water color paints also stick to the paper nicely, meaning that a roll of vellum paper can be used as a picture board covering.

How Vellum Is Made
The original vellum papers were made from the skins of animals. Modern vellum is produced through the creation of a special rag cotton fiber. The cotton fibers are pressed to a thin sheet, and the result is a highly translucent paper.

This manufacturing process allows the fibers to be stretched and squashed into a mesh that becomes impervious to cracking or peeling. It is unaffected by freezing temperatures and holds any paint or pencil drawing even when the humidity level is high.

Purchasing Vellum Paper
Most suppliers offer a line of products made from vellum that includes squared sheets as well as longer rolls. These vellum products are generally listed on a catalogue page that includes information on the thickness, length, and width of the paper. For those who prefer to order an entire vellum roll, the paper is available in various sizes and roll lengths. The paper can be cut to any dimension required, and smaller sizes can even be placed in a printer for reproduction. Buying in bulk is a real money-saver because the rolls are fabricated in long lengths, therefore reducing the cost to package and ship.


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