Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Many Uses of a Mechanical Pencil .3mm

When your job, your school project, or even your artistic passions required that you have high quality writing utensils, the type of tool you use can make all the difference. Typically known for their consistent lines, mechanical pencils are advantageous over traditional pencils, markers or pens. In fact, here are some of the many uses of a mechanical pencil .3mm:

Often times, engineers must draw mock ups and outlines with very fine turns, corners and details. The .33 is build with top quality polymer, so it bonds together and prevents annoying breakage. The carbon and graphite particles leave the pencil cleanly, without smudging or dotting. These fine characteristics mean that engineers can draw, and of course present, sophisticated plans with ease.

Library Science
When librarians attempt to find a book based on someone's writing that used an old fashioned #2 pencil, the lead often gets spread around. When letters and numbers are difficult to read, it takes that much more time to find what you're looking for.

When artists began a sketching, they need a variety of lead thicknesses at their disposal. Luckily, a mechanical pencil .3mm comes in a variety of softness levels, from the lowest to the highest. In addition, the consistent line clearly performs better than standard pencils, letting the artist focus on their work and not on their pencil.

When students sit down to take notes in a class, they often bring more than one pencil. With mechanical pencils, students can pay more attention to the instructor and less attention to sharpening their pencils. That's because .3mm mechanical pencils don't need any sharpening at all.

The joy of a mechanical pencil .33m is more than just knowing that you'r using the latest technology. With high quality carbon materials that bond tightly, it doesn't break as easily as traditional varieties. It's lack of smear, it's consistent lining, and of course it's easy-to-use reload functionality mean that you can use them for a variety of functions. From fine lines, to sketching, to taking important notes, everyone can benefit from using a mechanical pencil .33m


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