Monday, December 8, 2014

What Is a Drafting Board?

Drafting boards are extremely useful for many occupations. A drafter is someone who would use a drafting board. These boards are smooth and usually made out of wood or a synthetic material. You can find all different types of boards for drawing and drafting. For example, there are those boards that sit on top of tables;those that stand on the ground and those that are attached to large drafting storage spaces so that drafters, have all of their most important materials right at hand. It’s important that drafters have their tools and accessories nearby so that they can accomplish their work efficiently. Drafters often need many different types of tools each day.

The quality of the board
It is important that drafters have quality boards to accomplish their work. Each board needs to be incredibly smooth because the blueprint paper that is often used, when drafting plans for buildings or homes can be very thin. Any bump or blemish on the material of the board might end up making errors on the final project.

In addition it is important that the boards have stability. Drafters are a combination of planners, architects, construction professionals and artists. They often need to make extremely fine details, exact curves and perfectly straight lines. If their board is wobbly or unstable at all, it could hinder their ability to render the best artistic or technical drawings.

The other essential items that go with boards for drafting
There are other accessories and tools that drafters, architects, city planners and technical artists need to use when they use their boards. Pens, pencils, protractors, compasses and triangles are all necessary, and often, each of these items has multiple parts or comes in a large set. For this reason, the best boards also come with storage space that is attached to the bottom or side. Even the most basic boards have a pencil and pen rest at the bottom of the board. Some boards even have a light at the top that can help drafters see their work more clearly. If you need a board for drafting, check them out online.


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