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What Tools Can I Use on My Cutting Mat?

What Tools Can I Use on My Cutting Mat?
Cutting mats are very versatile and are designed to work with a variety of drafting and craft tools. These tools make cutting paper or boards much easier when working on a cutting mat. It will help to know what tools can be used with a cutting mat.

Scissors, Knives and Rolling Cutters
A cutting mat is designed to handle nearly any type of cutting tool that is commonly used for drafting, crafts or illustration. The mat can easily handle hobby knives and utility knives without any problems. It can actually increase the accuracy and precision of the cuts. The mat can withstand the edge of scissor when scoring paper. Cutting mats are even strong enough to handle the sharpest rolling cutters that would usually tear through lesser materials.

Safety Rulers, Straight Edges and T-Squares
Some of the most popular cutting mat tools are safety rulers, straight edges and T-squares. These tools make it easier to mark off long, straight lines before making a cut. The rulers will be very stable because of the flat surface of the mat. They will even gain some traction if part of the straightedge is touching the mat and not the paper. Safety rules are particularly helpful since they protect the fingers while working with sharp blades.

Light Boxes
Light boxes can be used on or with cutting mats. The cutting mat provides a firm and secure surface that will hold the light box in place even when working on an angled drafting table. The heat from the light box will not harm the cutting mat in any way. An added advantage is that a translucent cutting mat can be placed on top of a light box. This makes it easier to trace patterns from one paper to another with a knife.

A final tool that can be used on a cutting mat is a compass fit with a blade. Using a compass on a bare drafting table is not always easy. The sharp point might slide because it cannot find purchase on the hard surface. A cutting mat provides a surface where the sharp tip of the compass will dig in and remain stable so that arcs and circles can be cut quickly and accurately.


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