Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why You Need a Mat Cutting Table

Cutting mats are designed to be used on stable and flat surfaces. A cutting table is a surface that is made to handle a cutting mat. It is generally dedicated to the task. A mat cutting table is a necessity for several reasons.

Stability and Safety

It is important to place a large cutting mat on a stable surface when using sharp tools. Placing the mat on the floor or a makeshift surface will create an unstable situation. This can lead to inaccurate cuts and potentially even injuries. A cutting table provides a large surface that is firmly set on the ground. The mat will not move or shift while being cut on the table. This allows for the safest and most accurate cuts possible.

Handle Any Size Material

A mat cutting table makes it possible to handle nearly any size material. The size of the underlying surface often limits the size of the material that is being cut. Draping a large cutting mat over a smaller table limits the size of the material to the size of the table underneath. A cutting table makes it possible to utilize the full dimensions of the mat. Clean and long cuts can be made without having to stop or shift in the middle of a cut. This makes it easier to work with large materials.

Protect the Cutting Mat

If a cutting mat is consistently used on an improper, small or uneven surface, then the mat can actually start to warp and buckle. Blades will cut deeper in the areas where the mat is not completely flat. The result is usually a mat that starts to wear down and degrade much quicker than usual. This can lead to problems. Using a cutting table will protect the mat from harm. It will keep the cutting mat perfectly flat and in good condition.

Handle Multiple Projects At Once

One of the nice things about a dedicated cutting table is that it can handle multiple projects at once. There is no need to remove the mat from the table. Multiple people can measure and cut materials on the table at once when using one of the larger mats. The mat does not need to be removed to make space for other tasks. This makes a cutting table a good choice for a studio or office.


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